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Have you ever wondered why it is that hard to find information around women’s health? For a long time, the female body hasn't been considered the norm, but a 'too complicated' version of the male body. This has affected the knowledge we have about women's health. We think it is time to change this. In A Woman's Body wants to completely transform the experience women have when seeking information about menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health, and how it is delivered.
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 In A Woman's Body – the new platform for women's health
 In A Woman's Body – the new platform for women's health
 In A Woman's Body – the new platform for women's health
 In A Woman's Body – the new platform for women's health
 In A Woman's Body – the new platform for women's health

Über das Projekt

Finanzierungszeitraum 03.11.21 11:17 Uhr - 12.12.21 23:59 Uhr
Realisierungszeitraum 1 year
Startlevel 20.000 €

Building our platform with articles and courses to transform women’s health!

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Worum geht es in dem Projekt?

Women's bodies have not been considered the norm for centuries.

This has affected our vision of the world and the knowledge we have around women’s health. We want to change this together with you!

How? Many courses or articles are too complex to understand and don’t really answer the questions you have. That’s why we are building an educational platform created to revolutionize access to information through articles and courses based on what you want to know. You ask us the questions you have and we create the content to answer them.

We will also recommend you the products that can help you have a better sexual, menstrual and reproductive health, all to increase gender equality.

When you look on the internet for information about these topics usually you find a medical website or sexual clinic, instead of an easy-to-use platform that answers the questions you have, while making you feel good in your body. That’s exactly what we want to build, because we believe that learning about these topics should be fun!

We have a really clear goal in mind: make knowledge about menstrual, sexual and reproductive health available for everyone, stigma-free :)

Was sind die Ziele und wer ist die Zielgruppe?

Our target group: that's you and that's us. We finally want to give women a space to ask questions, share their stories and bring all these issues out of the back room and into the light.

We are not big actors, but we have a big vision, and we believe that together we can make it happen!

We want to transform the experience you have when you look for information about your health, how this information is delivered to you and what is included in it. We want to make this whole process easy, fun and inclusive.

No more hours reading websites that don't answer your questions or platforms that make you feel inadequate for being who you are.

Warum sollte jemand dieses Projekt unterstützen?

This project is the beginning of the end of the idea that talking about sexual, menstrual or reproductive health is something to be ashamed of.

This project sets an example and shows that women's health can be treated differently. We want to be an activist platform that pushes forward a new way to relate with such an important part of who you are.

We thank you for your choice to support our initiative and we promise to give everything we have. We think this platform will not only benefit women but everyone, that's why we appreciate EVERY support!

Was passiert mit dem Geld bei erfolgreicher Finanzierung?

With your support, we will pay the experts to create the courses and write the articles to normalize all of this information and create: the first women's health platform designed to increase gender equality. All thanks to you.

More specifically, we will use it to pay the gynaecologists, sexologists, pelvic care professionals and journalists that will help us write the articles and create the courses. The other part of the money will go to design so we can create the best experience possible for you.

Creating the platform we envision costs a lot of money. The more support we get, the more resources we will have to create the best experience possible for you.

Wer steht hinter dem Projekt?

Marina Ollero is the founder of In A Woman’s Body and has been working on it for the last three years. She studied Business and Marketing, and has been learning about sexual and menstrual health throughout the last decade.

We have incredible collaborators such as Laura Schutte, psychologist specialized in sexuality, and Jennifer, specialized in menstruation, as collaborators, who helps us write the content. What started with a monthly newsletter has now become a platform with which we have the vision to change how women’s health is perceived forever. The goal is clear and now we need you to make it possible!

You can follow our common journey on Instagram:

We want to also thank everyone who have believed on us and made this campaign possible:

Melina Böge, Theresa Bauer, Lucie Leichsering, Laura Schutte, Hannah Müller, Lucy Sundberg, Natalie Zühlke, Ana Chernykh, Myria Hutagalung, Azure Rouet, Hannah Häger, Lex Gillon, Sanj Lolay, Victoria Perlini, Kathrin Baumgartner, Benjamin Rodrigues Kafka, BUFA Studios, ProjectTogether, Nils-Hendrick and Generation Tochter.

And thank you to all the people who are part of the In A Woman’s Body community!


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In A Woman's Body – the new platform for women's health

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