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Projekte / Literature
Operation Monkey Business
Be part of a book! Work can be fun, create wealth and make sense! Today only people who know German can discuss on my Blog "Affenmärchen" (Monkey Tales - free work from master & servant structures) how to get rid of unnecessary hierarchy. On the blog we are creating solutions out of ideas. Worldwide, the blog is visited several thousand times per month. To give all the people abroad the chance to discuss it in their countries we want to translate it into English. I need 5.000 Euros for the En
5,281 €
5,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Operation Monkey Business


Funding period 30/05/2012 10:59 o'clock - 29/08/2012 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal 5,000 €
City Stuttgart
Category Literature

What is this project all about?

"Affenmärchen" is a non fiction book published as a blog. It gives Ideas and hints how we can create human business.

For more than ten years as an entrepreneur and consultant I'm working on how human business can look like in a free market and democratic environment. And above all how it can be realized.
Together with my readers, clients, colleagues and friends I discuss related topics - in public. You can not only follow my ideas on my blog - everyone can participate actively in the process of their development.

My key points are:

1) Humans are an unique mixture of mind and Intuition that we should release broadly an take commercial benefit out of it.

2) Instead of being externally motivated, we need what I call identity fields to which we can establish a meaning-connection. This way we realize ourselves in our work.

3) People who are connected to their work by meaning enjoy what they are doing. They dedicate themselves entirely, their intelligence as well as their emotions and so they generate a vastly bigger longterm benefit then normal employees.

4) Human business has no preconditions. Everyone who opens his/ her mind to think about it can start immediately and on their own pace to change towards playing an active part of a meaningful economy.

5) If we free people using our companies from their economical dependence, our societies will become a human market economy in a free and democratic state structure (reformation, not revolution).

For me it is good practice to seek supportes in my crowd of contacts. This applies to this project too - which I'm not getting propped alone. This time we had the idea to start the Operation Monkey Business. Together with Franziska Köppe from practically SUSTAINABLE (www.parktisch-nachhaltig.de) we ask you: Be part of this crowd funding project and help us to spread the ideas of human economies around the world.

If you are rid of politicians talk, management and union propaganda or superficial TV talk slogans too, then get part of the reformation - Be part of the book!

Therefore "Affenmärchen" should be translated into English - with an overfunding we want to translate it into Spanish too. I need 5.000 Euros for the translation of my book.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Operation Monkey Business wants to enforce worldwide discussions about the humanization of working conditions, how to fulfill ourselves in work and how to create a meaningful economy. We want to think and discuss critically and constructively. Like this - in the end - we even will reform society in general. All people who (again) want to enjoy their work should take part in the Operation Monkey Business:

Thinkers, reformers, disillusioned economist, hopeful entrepreneurs, parents and grandparents who want to leave the world in better conditions to their children than they found it, committed employees, decision makers, self-reflected business leaders, young professionals, work dropouters, open-source activists, protest voters and / or people who prefere a reformation to a revolution, and want to start rather sooner than later.

Why would you support this project?

Because we all should like to go to work. Finally, it is the place where we spend a lot of our lives. We, the initiators of the project, do not believe naively in a perfect society. We believe that we all can do something small in a different way and all this small changes together can cause something big. If we remain human, at the end we will get a meaningful economy.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

We need to pay the translator for the English version. If more than 5,000 Euros come together, we start the Spanish translation.

Who are the people behind the project?

Managing director, author and business consultant Gebhard Borck: "We are entering turbulent times, the corporate culture is the fundament to deal with this turbulences. We are experts in business contexts and situate the humans as the special, living part of the company. This expertise is a prerequisite for robust economies. In my provocative non-fiction book Affenmärchen, I describe how firms can face these upcoming severe thunderstorms remaining human and successfully. "

Impulse generator, strategic consultant and facilitator Franziska Koeppe: "We support projects that improve living and working conditions of people in Germany. Our motto:. Shape the future. Make economy useful and efficient, Regarding this I appreciate the intense exchange of experiences and ideas with Gebhard Borck and look forward to realize the Operation Monkey Business."

... and the community of "Affenmärchen"/ "Monkey Business":(


Zukunft gestalten. Sinnvoll und effizient wirtschaften. Wir initiieren und unterstĂĽtzen Projekte, die Mensch, Wirtschaft, Kultur und Umwelt miteinander in Einklang bringen und so die Lebens- und Arbeitsbedingungen in unserem Land verbessern.

Social Media Club Stuttgart bündelt die Aktivitäten der Social Media Szene in der Region Stuttgart und darüber hinaus. Wir organisieren die monatliche Vortragsreihe “Social Media Night Stuttgart” im Mercedes Benz Museum.

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