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BA Klara Harden

Austria / Vienna

Klara Harden is an adventurous cinematographer and photographer from Austria. She always has been a "Wildfang" and enjoys being out in the nature. Filming Berber Macaques in the MidAtlas Mountains, black Salamanders in the Mountains of Austria and Arctic Foxes in Iceland, the camera is her weapon of choice to fight for nature. Since her latest project MADE IN ICELAND, a 25days solo pilgrimage through the rough highlands of the island, a lot has changed in her life and now she is about to go on her next adventure to Madagascar!

Bachelor of Arts since Spring 2011

Bachelor of Arts since Spring 2011

Freelancer at Bubbles&Bones since 2011
Intern at Atticus Finch 2010/ London
FH Joanneum 2007 – 2010/ Austria

Escola Superior de Artes e Design 2008/ Lisbon

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WITH LOVE FROM MADAGASCAR Klara Hardens new Adventure Documentary

WITH LOVE FROM MADAGASCAR Klara Hardens new Adventur…

Eine wahres Abenteuer! Zwei Filmemacher. Zwei Monate. Eine nervenaufreibende Fahrradtour durch die faszinierende und gefährdete Welt von MADAGASKAR. Ihre Mission wird die Welt verändern. Ein...