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Anang Setiawan

Hi! I am Anang, I am Indonesian and have a strong interest in business and social good. After finishing my business management studies at Brawijaya University of Malang, Indonesia, I worked for a multinational company for 2 years as a Marketing Supervisor. After that, I began volunteering in Indonesia Mengajar (Teaching for Indonesia) where I taught and encouraged people in remote areas of Indonesia to care about their education. As a result of this program, many locals have made school a priority in their lives. I helped them further their opportunities by connecting students to available scholarships. After finishing this program, I went on to build an Educational Consulting Firm in Malang.

Two years ago, I founded a social enterprise called EKONOMI LOKAL. It's main agenda is to help young farmers build their own businesses by connecting them with microcredit opportunities from investors. When Franz learned about Ekonomi Lokal, he came to the village to support it. But later, we decided we both wanted to do more. We saw a lot of potential in the agriculture of my village. It has a lot of fruit farms but the problem we face is the very low price for these goods in local markets, so we built LAROS to increase the value of the harvest in Jambewangi. You can read more in the campaign. We believe your support can help to build a better future for my village. Thank you.

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