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Uschi Wurzer


Concert Booker, “The Troubleshooter” by JARO Medien GmbH

About me:

Story of my life: Cool running.
Favorite toy as a kid:
My doll, the only problem was that her head was fixed badly, so once in a while she lost it. But, I wanted no other one. Now she lives somewhere in a box in the basement.
Craziest thing I would do for JARO:
To do booking for Jaro artists is crazy… fun!
Favorite artist:
I love Latin music, Salsa, Soul, Pop, World, Jazz, I am very much open. I cannot restrict it to one artist.
On Jaro records it is Hazmat Modine and our American Songbirds (Ashia and The Bison Rouge, Rachelle Garniez, Kyrie Kristmanson and Stephanie NIlles).
Favorite vacation place:
I love to be everywhere, where are relaxed people, good food, sunshine and great music.

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Eine Tournee von vier neuen Singer/Songwriterinnen aus Amerika

Debut -Tournee durch Europa. Wir sind R.Garniez - New York, Ashia & The Bison Rouge - Portland, K.Kristmanson - Ottawa, S.Nilles - New Orleans. Wir möchten Euch auf unserer American Songbirds...
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Eine Tournee von vier neuen Singer/Songwriterinnen aus Amerika