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ScoutingTrain 2014 - für ein Europa ohne Grenzen
15 Nationen - eine Idee: Frieden durch Begegnung und Vernetzung. 400 PfadfinderInnen machen die Welt ein bisschen besser, als sie sie vorgefunden haben. Unsere Vision: Ein reales, gelebtes Netzwerk von jungen EuropäerInnen!
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Board goes Kiev!

Lars Böhnke
Lars Böhnke1 min Lesezeit

From 26.2. to 1.3.2015 the executive board will travel to Kiev to celebrate the official end of our work as initiators of our wonderful project. We worked on the ScoutingTrain for more than two years, we travelled many times, met wonderful people and learned a lot. We arrived at Lake Baikal, thanks to strength of our network we met again in Berlin to celebrate. We are glad and proud about all we achieved. We are sure that our network of scouts will last and continue to work internationally on openmindedness, optimism, peace and understanding. We know that you can do it! We did it! Thanks everyone for being with us! Thank you for trusting us!

In order to not come with empty hands to our friends in kiev, we started a fundraising campaign on betterplace.

And we ask everybody to spread the word and donate, if you wish to!

ScoutingTrain - Create understanding

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ScoutingTrain 2014 - für ein Europa ohne Grenzen

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