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Projekte / Kunst
Aren’t we all running after time and wish now and then that time stands still? The dance, sound and media performance SYNCHRONICITY deals with this subjective perception of time and our inner time. We warmly invite you to seek together with us for the right and nonrecurring instant, “an inner, intense and fulfilled moment that gives me the capability to forget time and its course” Juliette Villemin
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Finanzierungszeitraum 29.05.17 23:59 Uhr
Realisierungszeitraum February - June 2017
Fundingziel 2.000 €
Stadt Stuttgart
Kategorie Kunst

Worum geht es in dem Projekt?

Synchronicity is a piece about TIME by Stuttgart based choreographer Juliette Villemin:

Time is relative. The objective, external time is measurable and its ticking clocks control our hectic and restless daily life, whereas the inner, experienced time of each individual is a creation of our consciousness and therefore difficult to grasp. Let’s seek together for the mysterious, individual time, that resists global time-measuring. Which quality has our perception of time? How do we define our own time? Synchronicity takes up the topic of temporality in dance, music and interpersonal relationships. In this dynamic, complex dance, sound and media performance we experience the rare moment of concurrence between inner and external time: the right, unique, nonrecurring moment.

We thank our venue - FITZ! Zentrum fĂĽr Figurentheater Stuttgart - for their cooperation and look forward to our premiere on 1st June 2017 and the other shows on 2. and 3. June, each at 20.30 pm.

Was sind die Ziele und wer ist die Zielgruppe?

Our GOAL is:

  • to make you enthusiastic about our project and to stir up your curiousity about Synchronicity
  • to invite you to one of our shows (1.-3. June 2017) at FITZ! Figurentheater Stuttgart
  • to raise enough funds to be able to produce a dance music piece of high-quality

The piece is:

  • for YOU
  • for all dance lovers, especially with a high interest in contemporary dance
  • for all, who like new but also classical music.Synchronicity is not only inspired by the music of Franz Schubert and Steve Reich but also of their ideas about time and temporality
  • for all, who reflect on TEMPORALITY
  • for all, who enjoy experiencing performative art
  • for our audience

Warum sollte jemand dieses Projekt unterstĂĽtzen?

There are many reasons to support our project. Important is, that with YOUR SUPPORT we will be able to present a dance music performance produced in an artistically high value, for that all participants not only get a compensation for their professional work, but also an appropriate fee!

There are many reasons to support our project. Important is that with YOUR SUPPORT we will be able to present a dance music performance produced in an artistically high value, plus all participants not only get a compensation for their professional work, but also an appropriate fee!

  • because you want to experience Synchronicity
  • because you want to synchronise with us and witness the right instant
  • because you want to support freelance and independent artists
  • because the diversity of Stuttgart's culture and art scene matters to you

Was passiert mit dem Geld bei erfolgreicher Finanzierung?

A large part of our project budget is supported and financed by LaFT (Baden-WĂĽrttemberg association for free dance and theatre makers) and the project is also supported by LBBW. Yet, the sum is insufficient. We need YOUR SUPPORT to cover all production costs! Your money fills existing gaps for GEMA-costs, sound and stage design/equipment, publicity work and ABOVE ALL to be able to pay an appropriate fee for our independent artists. We need YOU so that Synchronicity will be unforgettable to everybody involved, audience and artists.

Wer steht hinter dem Projekt?

Our team:

Dance: Marina GrĂĽn
is our female dancer. She reflects with her BODY on IDEAS about TIME, especially in front of many spectators. As specialist for sensual and physical experience of the world, she dances not only in Stuttgart but also internationally in Graz, Linz, Wien and Berlin.

Dance: Hygin Delimat
is our male dancer. His passion is MOVEMENT and not only in a sensual-physical sense. He travels worldwide as choreographer, dancer and trainer with a predilection for breakdance and always seeks for new, interdisciplinary approaches.

Violin: Ulrike Storz
plays the music here and that with her beloved violin. She is searching with us for differing TIME QUALITIES not only through but also within music, between timeless and precisely timed, between movement and sound, between composed and improvised.

Music design/Percussion: Benedikt Immerz
Benni keeps the beat for us and is IN TUNE with our dancers and the other artists. He is a passionate singer, conducts choirs, and in addition studies film music. He lives for interdisciplinarity, on stage and behind stage.

Light design: Alexander Joseph
already made quite a number of stages shine and we are happy that he will also illuminate our stage with his magic LIGHT design. Besides, he supports us as our technical director and over a cup of tea he has always an ear for worries and sorrows.

Media: Nadja Weber
is our media-lady! She loves to tinker and even creates a brilliant media installation only in two days. For our project she not only arranges the stage MEDIA design but also photographs and is filming us at work. Besides she designs our flyer and the poster, an all-round talent!

Production: Katharina de Andrade Ruiz
As Art historian I enjoy to cross disciplinary borders and write and research on dance. For Synchronicity I am responsible for the the PRODUCTION management, yet, I don’t do it alone but together with my son Luka, our production baby. When I don’t take care of stuff such as numbers, press and contracts, then I am for sure changing diapers!

Idea, choreography and stage direction: Juliette Villemin
is the heart and the head of our project! Her thoughts about TEMPORALITY were bubbling and her urge to work on the dimension of TIME from an artistic-choreographical perspective have existed for a long time. After an intensive research on this subject matter, it is now the right MOMENT, to share her ideas and the resulting piece with you, our spectators!

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