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Grid Elements 2.0
Verbessertes TYPO3-Backend mit neuen Features Das Ziel dieses Projektes ist die Veröffentlichung von Grid Elements 2.0 im Frühjahr 2013. Diese Extension wird kompatibel zum neuen TYPO3-6.0-Core sein und zahlreiche neue Funktionen zur Verfügung stellen, wodurch die tägliche Arbeit mit dem Content-Management-System erleichtert und damit beschleunigt wird.
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Release of Grid Elements 2.0 this weekend at T3CB

Jo Hasenau
Jo Hasenau2 min Lesezeit

The last weeks it has been been a bit more quiet here than usual, but now we've got some good news:

This week there will be a new bugfix version Grid Elements 1.4.1 available in the TER and next weekend Grid Elements 2.0, the version we all have been waiting for, will follow. We will have a session at TYPO3 camp Berlin, where we will present the final state crowned by the upload to the TER.

At the same time we will offer patched versions of the current TYPO3 sources for download, since the necessary fixes for workspaces and multi language have not been merged into the current code base yet.

The plan for the next months is as follows:

We will have a full day workshop "Kickstarting Grid Packages" at the developer days in Hamburg. There we want to prepare ready made sets of grid layouts with appropriate frontend output, so that later on we can do some theming with twitter bootstrap and the like.

The second code sprint will happen in September in Clausthal-Zellerfeld. There we want to finalize the grid packages and prepare Grid Elements for TYPO3 6.2. LTS.

The presentation of the results is planned for T3CON in Stuttgart.

There's a lot to do - let's tackle it together!

Grid Elements 2.0