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WUMBATUMBA is a cute little hippo. He is the main character in the exciting and wonderfully narrated children's book "WUMBATUMBA, the little hippo, that wouldn't go into the ...

Berlin Invention
Constanze Prütting
Constanze Prütting
12,535 €
12,500 € Funding goal
Project successful
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Funding period 21.11.2014 15:07 Uhr - 31.01.2015 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period Spring 2015
Funding goal 12,500 €
City Berlin
Category Invention
WUMBATUMBA is a cute little hippo. He is the main character in the exciting and wonderfully narrated children's book "WUMBATUMBA, the little hippo, that wouldn't go into the water". With WUMBATUMBA we have created a character for children to love. He is a friend to the little ones and the big ones, a beloved hero and pacifist.

What is this project all about?

WUMBATUMBA communicates an essential message:
Keep water safe and clear! Nothing is more important!

Our Vision: WUMBATUMBA brings the most important issue of the 21st century "lack of clean drinking water" into the minds of children and adults.

With the WUMBATUMBA Box for nurseries children are familiarized and sensitized towards the topic of drinking water with a beautifully narrated children’s book. In addition, the WUMBATUMBA box for nurseries provides useful building blocks for language development.

Language is a core competence and critical to the future education of children. Language development is the most important educational task in nurseries. By combining the wonderful children's story, the catchy children's songs, the beautiful colouring-in sheets and animal masks the children are activated. The story comes alive. The children sing and dance the songs and become the heroes of the story with the animal masks. Therefore the WUMBATUMBA Box contributes through movement and music to language development.

The WUMBATUMBA Box for nurseries includes:

  • The high-quality children's book "WUMBATUMBA, the little hippo, that wouldn't go into the water" in the format 28 x 22 cm.
  • The DVD with the children's songs "WUMBATUMBA it calls through Africa" and "Good morning beautiful day" to sing, dance and play along.
  • Large colouring-in sheets in A0 which the children can colour in according to their ideas.
  • Masks of the WUMBATUMBA characters from the story with which the children take on the roles of animals in the book. Thus, role play and even short plays can be performed.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our first goal is to print the first edition of the children's book and deliver the WUMBATUMBA Box to the nurseries.

The characters of the book series are also role models for meaningful and sustainable children's toys, which will be produced at a later date. Here it is particularly important to us that all products are produced fair and environmentally friendly.

Our target group are people who care about the future of our children, their education and subsequently the future of our plant. The WUMBATUMBA book and box is particularly suitable for children ages 3-6 years.

Why would you support this project?

Supporting us means that you are supporting a generation of smart, fair and educated children who learn at a very early age that access to drinking water is a human right and that no wars shall be fought about drinking water in the future.

WUMBATUMBA is a meaningful project worthy of support. It conveys a significant contribution to education, the understanding of the environment and a peaceful coexistence.

People who believe in intelligent and innovative companies and are looking for a sustained commitment to the environment, culture and education have found a reliable partner with us.

We know that the message of WUMBATUMBA is important and needs to be carried out into the world.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With your support ...

  • we print the first edition of the book.
  • we produce the DVD with the two children's songs to sing, dance and play along.
  • we produce the colouring-in sheets and animal masks for the box.
  • we print the first series of cards for different occasions and posters with illustrations from the book.

Who are the people behind the project?

The team behind WUMBATUMBA forms a mixture of vision and experience. The idea for the project originated three years ago in connection with the growing shortage of drinking water and water pollution.

Constanze Prütting is the founder and CEO of the WUMBATUMBA GmbH. Constanze grew up abroad and speaks German, English and Spanish as her first languages. She studied in London and Barcelona International Business Administration. She brings seven years of experience in the field of management, office management and marketing. She has excellent leadership, management and organizational skills. She has built the managerial infrastructure for several small and medium sized companies.

Günther G. Prütting, journalist and writer, is the originator of the overall idea WUMBATUMBA, as well as the author of the book series. He has made numerous television programs on the subject of water contamination by toxic substances and illegal toxic waste disposal. He is familiar with toxic waste problems since 40 years.

Pieter Kunstreich is the illustrator of the book series. He belongs to the internationally known and highly regarded illustrators of children's books. His children's books have been translated into numerous languages and are mostly bestsellers.

Winfried Vögele is the composer of children's songs. He is the conductor of the Symphony Orchestra at the State Music School Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate. National and international concerts with his music connect people of different ages, different nationalities and social backgrounds.

If you have questions about the project WUMBATUMBA, please visit our website: www.wumbatumba.berlin. We are also happy to answer any questions during the campaign by email: constanze@wumbatumba.berlin.

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Constanze Prütting
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12621 Berlin


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