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11 Years (AT) - Live Action Short Film

11 Years (AT) - Live Action Short Film

Would you want to live another life? In our story, an old man buys himself a second, completely new life in a young body. But when he meets a young woman and falls in love wi...

Nürnberg Movie / Video
Feodora Frickert
Andreas Schultze
Christina Greiner
Simon Begemann
Jan Jungbluth
Team 11 Years
8,475 €
7,500 € Funding goal
Project successful
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 11 Years (AT) - Live Action Short Film


Funding period 28.05.2014 16:29 Uhr - 31.07.2014 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period 4 Monate
Funding goal 7,500 €
City Nürnberg
Category Movie / Video
Would you want to live another life? In our story, an old man buys himself a second, completely new life in a young body. But when he meets a young woman and falls in love with her, he hides the truth. Until the end. "11 Years" (working title) is a Live Action Short Film project which is being realised by film students in their Bachelor semester.

What is this project all about?

Basic information:

  • Live Action Short Film
  • length of the movie: about 10 - 15 minutes
  • Who: a film team of five design students of Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences
  • Shooting Period: June/July 2014 (about. 8 - 9 days of shooting)
  • Locations: Nürnberg, Fränkische Schweiz, Nord/Ostsee

"11 Years" synopsis:
We are situated in the 22nd century.
Phil and his girlfriend Liz sit together in a noble restaurant. Phil knows that he does not have much time left. Several times before, he was determined to tell Liz who and what he really is: an old man in an attractive young body. But he had lost himself too often in his life with Liz and too many chances passed. Nevertheless, the situation in the restaurant seems to be boisterous - when suddenly Phil drops to the floor and lies there motionless. His time is over.

Phil now faces a rather unpleasent and difficult process of waking up at the company C-Tec. His old body, which seems more dead than alive, has become his prison again. After a few health checks, he is released.

Phil runs through the streets of the cities. Almost in a state of trance, he visits the home he and Liz lived in. He painfully remembers passionate moments of their relationship.
He asked C-Tec at least a little more time, but it was pointless. It was definitely too late. He has become his old alter ego - and a complete stranger to Liz.
But despite that, he wants to visit her, see her, smell her, feel her - just like in earlier times. He reluctantly stands in front of their frontdoor, but then rings the bell. Liz, who still looks the worse for wear after her husband's death, opens the door ...

It is a FACT that ...
... the development of a new "body" takes C-Tec about five years and can be adjusted to the preferences of the customer. Each body is customised "to begin" with 23 years of age. All bodies are healthy and fully functionable. They are immune against cancer or other diseases. The financial resources of a customer must be sufficient for the minimum lifetime of ten years, which is a lot of money, even for the rich. When the time acquired is over, the customer returns to his natural body which is kept safely in a cryogenic vessel during this period.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

"11 Years" will be our Bachelor project - which does not only mean that it's supposed to be our big step into our professional careers. Above all, we want to take the (maybe last?) opportunity to realise this beloved project of ours without any creative restrictions.

The story of Phil which may be set in the future but is so graspable, is a story for reflection and supposed to raise controverse questions. We are absolutely convinced of our tale and are very eager to turn it into a professional movie of high quality.

What happens to Phil is not only interesting for Science-Fiction fans. Both, old people, who may also think "What if" when looking back at their lifes, and young men and women, who are still about to make important choices, can relate to the incidents of our story.

The deadline for our about short movie with a total length of between ten and 15 minutes runs until the end of October 2014. Afterwards, it will be shown at the OHMRolle (http://www.ohmrolle.de/) at the beginning of November in front of about 1.200 spectators.
We also plan to take part in numerous film festivals.

Why would you support this project?

The development from an original idea to a final movie does not only involve a lot of creative time but also an emotional rollercoaster ride. With our goal in mind to realize an elaborate and moving high-quality film, motivation and faith in this project are the driving forces of the filmmakers.

Now, we are standing here, young film students full of fresh ideas and determined - but in order to realise what's in our heads, we need a lot of help and support. Support from people who get excited about this project and who, just as we do, can't wait to see this story on screen.

Through your support, you will become part of the genesis of "11 Years"!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

As you may imagine, a Life Action Short Film is very expensive. As always, you get what you pay for, particularly in terms of lighting and camera equipment. Contrary to other academies and tertiary institutions, the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences does not receive any subsidies. That's why we have to finance this movie by ourselves.
This is the point where YOU come into the play! With your support and financial support, you can help us to complete this film.

After thorough calculations, we expect total costs of about 7.500 euros.
They are divided up as follows:

  • lighting and camera equipment: about 2.500 euros
  • accommodation and travel costs for crew and actors: about 1.800 euros
  • sound recordings: about 500 euros
  • make-up and related expenses: about 300 euros
  • costumes and props: about 1.500 euros
  • catering: about 500 euros
  • server and other hardware: about 200 euros
  • printing of flyers, posters and other advertising materials: about 200 euros

Furthermore, good music is very important for our film in order to convey and support the emotions of our characters. If this crowdfunding project is successful, we may be able to finance a generous composer with a small proportion of our budget.

Who are the people behind the project?

Our film team consists of five Film & Animation students currently studying at the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences. "11 Years" is our Bachelor thesis.

The responsibilities are divided up as follows:

Simon Begemann: directon and script
Feodora Frickert: producer and script
Andreas Schultze: director of photography
Christina Greiner: compositing, title design, VFX
Jan Jungbluth: 3D, title design, VFX supervisor

Legal notice
Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Georg-Simon-Ohm
Feodora Frickert
Am Röthberg 10
90518 Altdorf bei Nürnberg Deutschland

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