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Bahnland. Mein Reisetagebuch: Mit der Bahn durch Deutschland.

Bahnland. Mein Reisetagebuch: Mit der Bahn durch Deutschland.

In November 2012 I participated in the photo competition "20 Years of German Railway Card". I won the first prize and got the BahnCard 100. Now I want to get the most out of m...

Berlin Journalism
Lisa Tramm
Lisa Tramm
3,065 €
3,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
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Funding period 15.03.2013 13:37 Uhr - 17.05.2013 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 3,000 €
City Berlin
Category Journalism
In November 2012 I participated in the photo competition "20 Years of German Railway Card". I won the first prize and got the BahnCard 100. Now I want to get the most out of my prize and travel throughout Germany. My travels begins in May and will last at least 3 months. I will share my experiences and adventures as well as photos from my trip with you in my blog. After my trip, I plan to publish my experiences in a book. But I need your support!

What is this project all about?

My journey by train should firstly be about the experience of traveling through Germany itself. What drives people to travel, how do you feel on the road, how is the travel experience ...?
Secondly, I want to discover the marvelous Country; Backpacking through Germany... I want to take on an adventure through my own country and summarize the experienced events, surprises and oddities later in a book which i will publish.
I have never won anything befor and now I won the rail card (BahnCard 100 - to travel for free on any train through Germany for a whole year), something which happens only once in a lifetime. As suddenly and unexpected this journey began I will continue my travels the same way. I don't know exactly where the trains will take me or which cities I'll visit. But of course I do have a couple of goals and guidelines, which I would check off during the trip:

- Visit to each federal state.
- Visiting a city at any neighboring country.
- Most northern, western, southern and eastern town.

And of course have a lot of fun, getting to know strangers and people who pass my way and travel wherever the next train stops.
A journey by train through Germany is also a lot more sustainable than to get on a plane. I will try to travel through Germany on the sustainable path, by train and on-site by bike. I want to know whether Germany is suitable as a backpack-travel destination. I will also try to travel as inexpensively as possible. I'll spend my nights if possible with friends or on other peoples couches through couchsurfing. Occasionally I will stay in a hostel. My journey starts in the spring and I will last at least 3 months, but hopefully 4. During the trip, I will share my experiences in my blog, and keep you up to date on my stations. My project goal is to publish my stories about my journey in a book.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With my trip through Germany, I would like to explore my home country and share my travel experiences with you in my blog. I must say, I hardly know Germany and it is about time to change this. Many of my friends and I are mainly attracted by other countries, the further away the better. But Germany has much to offer! I'd like to get to know the landscape, cities, culture and people throughout Germany. I'll report back from the towns and cities, about my experiences with the Deutsche Bahn and how it is to be home on the train. The target group includes all people who are interested in sustainable travel and of traveling in Germany, people who travel a lot by train, as well as people who cannot travel themselves. I hope to encourage people with my journey to discover Germany themselves and perhaps to reach their next destination by train.

Why would you support this project?

It's a great project. If I had not participated in this photo contest, than what is about to happen may probably never happen. An adventure has fallen in front of my feet. Now it's up to me, and you to make the best of it. I hope my luck continues and I get my project to be financed, because I know it is going to be wonderful - for me and for you!. I've never won anything before and I hope that I will begin my journey with your support. So if you love to travel and are interested in Germany, then support this project :!!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Your support will help me to realize my journey and spread my experiences.
Since I want to put down every step of my trip in writing and pictures I will produce and release a travel diary in form of a book at the end to my travels.
Of course it would be great if i get the opportunityto get the book printed in a small edition. Otherwise, I aspire at least to publish an e-book version.

As shown in my project, I do not need money for travel expenses and also in terms of accommodation, I plan only to rent a room in a hostel frequently. But i will also spend a small percentage of your support for food and other basic items.

The writing and finally the completion of a most interesting and entertaining book is of course the main goal of the whole trip and always a 100% priority.

Who are the people behind the project?

Moin Moin, my name is Lisa Tramm, 25 years old and originally from Northern Germany. In 2008 I moved to wonderful Berlin. Like many others I moved here to study. In my case it was applied media economy/ TV producing. Now I work for a nature conservation and media foundation as marketing assistant. This job had a great influence on me and I try to live sustainably and eco-friendly. Eventhough, I must admit I have been looking for a new adventure, a new challenge, a new goal. The photo contest came at the right time and who would have thought&I got the BahnCard 100. A streak of luck! I take it as a sign, that my adventure is about to start. Lets go. With the BahnCard 100 through Germany!

Project updates


Die ersten Schritte meines Bahnlandes sind gemeistert. Natürlich bin ich aber auch weiterhin am planen und ausbauen meines Projektes. So kam ich letzte Woche zu dem Entschluss, dass ich während meiner Reise eine weitere Mission erfüllen möchte. Ich habe mir zur Aufgabe gemacht in jedem Ort, jeder Stadt oder Gegend die ich besuche nach etwas zu suchen. Da ich ja bereits sehr nachhaltig unterwegs bin, werde ich versuchen auch in jedem Zielort etwas Grünes, Ökologisches, Umweltfreundliches oder Nachhaltiges zu finden. Ich möchte sehen, wie weit Deutschland den Weg in Richtung eines umweltfreundlichen Lebens bereits gegangen ist und welche Gegenden in Sachen Nachhaltigkeit weiter sind als andere. Mein Gesuchtes kann dabei verschiedenste Formen haben, sei es Lebensmittel, Parkanlagen, Solaranlagen oder sonstige Umweltfreundliche Dinge. Ich bin gespannt auf was ich finde! The first steps of my bahnland are pursued. But of course I keep planning and expanding my project. So I came up last week with the idea that I would accomplish another mission during my trip. I am going to look in every place, every town or area that I visit for something. Since I'm already travelling in a very sustainable way am I will try to find something green, eco-friendly or sustainable in every destination. I want to find out how far Germanys developement towards an eco-friendly life already is. My findings may have various forms, be it food, gardens, solar panels and other environmentally friendly things. I'm excited about what I will find!

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