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Cristian Vogel Archive Remasters
I am raising funds to cover the costs of restoring and re-mastering a major part of my back catalogue of electronic music dating from 1992-2006, some 80-100 tracks. As well as the classic albums, I also hope to transfer the best surviving material from personal tape archive dating back to 1992. It all needs professional restoration and re-mastering. If you feel this music is important to you too, then please consider supporting my project!
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Up to my arms in tape

Cristian Vogel
Cristian Vogel1 min Lesezeit

Some of the tapes have been transferring fine, there has been some emotion, exhilaration and anxiety. I am learning about differences between biological and digital timescales (amongst other rather interesting sonic discoveries)

Some of the music is quite interesting - some of it sounds a bit lost style wise, but technically proficient. Theres rather a lot of hard trance, proto tech house, gabba, experimental noodling and suddenly a beautiful life take that made it on to one of the classic albums - sounds of TR626, 707 , SH101 and SPX1000 jammed on an Amiga.

I had a great meeting with Mike at Manmade mastering in Berlin, and we have booked time at the end of this month for an intensive week long re-mastering session in his studio. Diamonds and Pearls who will be overseeing the vinyl EP production, are also working closely with me on the project.

Thats it for now, more soon!

Cristian Vogel
Cristian Vogel
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