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»RARE SHOTS ON PLANET X« – Das Disturbanity Graphics Buch
Under the moniker Disturbanity Graphics, Matthias Gephart has, for a decade now, entertained an audience interested in art and culture with his special graphical mix, nurtured by graphic design, illustration, graffiti and photography. Due to come out soon, RARE SHOTS FROM PLANET X is his first monograph. Formatted as an artist book, it pledges to be an opulent foray through a visual world outside the mainstream. It‘s about underground and applied forms, subversive culture and contemporary art.
5,851 €
5,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 »RARE SHOTS ON PLANET X« – Das Disturbanity Graphics Buch


Funding period 19/03/2014 10:02 o'clock - 07/05/2014 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal 5,000 €
City Berlin
Category Art

What is this project all about?

A special selection of Matthias Gephart‘s diversified work is to be presented for the first time, with the help of this crowdfunding project, as a high quality, beautifully crafted artist book. He has been able to win over the renown art book publishing house Kettler to partner this project and release RARE SHOTS FROM PLANET X in September 2014. For the presentation of the book, Gephart prepares a great exhibition in the Kunstverein Bochumer Kulturrat, to which we hereby already invite all interested parties and supporters. The book will be published together with a brochure of posters. To keep it affordable for friends of art and (sub)culture with pockets less deep, it will be available for a decent price.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With your contribution, you are supporting the production of a beautiful artist book. An artist book is per definition a print product that doesn‘t need to submit to the usual laws of the market or librarian demands. Together with previously acquired subventions from art and culture foundations, your support will enable this publication to become an autonomous work designed and curated by the artist himself.

Matthias Gephart has already garnered a vast basis of supporters and friends of his art. HIs creative output repeatedly finds itself in publications about graffiti, graphic design, illustration, contemporary art and photography. The first publication appeared in Graffiti Lexikon in 1993, ten years later it was in “Graphic Design for the 21st Century”, followed by the 2013 publication in the book “Berlin What?”, that shows Gephart in three different categories as an agent of the contemporary Berlin art scene.

This links to a list of publications so far: http://www.disturbanity.com/publications.html
RARE SHOTS FROM PLANET X explicitly addresses devotees of ambitiously alternative forms of design and art in which the fascination with uncontrolled proliferation and multiplicity overweighs the desire for established structures.

Why would you support this project?

The book project „RARE SHOTS FROM PLANET X - The Book of Disturbanity“ aims to focus on aesthetic strategies that have bred outside the mainstream in the shadows of different subcultures to evolve into pop cultures of their own.

This Startnext project puts it into your hands: with your support, you enable a publication that will offer a reflection of the reality of urban life and art not filtered by commercial requirements: with sights from worlds that follow their own logic and speak their own poetic language. Throughout the book, a thread spans Post-Graffiti through the visual language of dada and punk to the meanderings of graphic design, from experimental typography to an understanding of illustration as free, uncommissioned work, from street photography to surreal assemblage. Support this project if you like daring visual work. Take a closer look at the complete portfolio of Matthias / Disturbanity Graphics on the internet, you‘re also welcome to get in touch with him on facebook, matthiasgephart.com and disturbanity.com.

Of course, the supporters of Matthias‘ Startnext project will get a thank you and will be rewarded for their funding: with pictures, screen prints and photographs that will also be featured in the book. It‘s in your hand whether you want to secure yourself an original copy – or even turn into a motif yourself.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money will be spent on the production of the book from data processing to design to print. To rekindle the book binding process with the artistic content, it is to come out as a cut-flush binding with open stitch and glued spine. This is, additionally, the only book binding process that enables to entirely fold out the double page illustrations. The threshold for the funding lies at 5000 Euro.
After a successful funding, “Rare Shots from Planet X” will be printed in an edition of 300 copies, cut, bound and distributed. The book, planned as a volume of over 200 pages, is released as a package with a six page booklet of posters for every buyer to have selection of larger sized works with which to adorn his own four walls.

Matthias Gephart already designed the highly acclaimed book “Brought into line” for Kettler Verlag, a monograph of of his brother Felix Gephart. The enthusiasm and the patience of the people that Matthias has met at Kettler Verlag literally speak volumes.

What happens in case of overfunding?

Additional means would
a) serve to translate the monograph from German to English and finance a textual contribution from the curator of the Gephart exhibition in Mai 2014 in Bochum.
b) be used for data handling and design of the monograph.

Who are the people behind the project?

Matthias Gephart (http://matthiasgephart.com http://www.disturbanity.com https://www.facebook.com/disturbanity https://www.behance.net/disturbanitygraphics http://disturbanity.tumblr.com).
Matthias works as a graphic designer and illustrator under the moniker of Disturbanity Graphics, designing record sleeves, boards and books, shirts and surreal pictures, drawing, screen printing or photographing. The line between his free and applied work is often blurred and only defined by its context. Matthias hasn‘t laid off the spray can, but replaced the old goal and game of “writing my name for fame” with a particular way of handling the chosen locations: it is now more about the fairy tale atmosphere of lost places in which typographic form and architecture merge. Matthias‘ brother Felix (http://www.verlag-kettler.de/en/programm/felix-gephart-auf-linie-gebracht-brought-line) is well known for his drawings and he has being painting with him since time immemorial - for the past few years they especially enjoyed realizing graffiti projects with political content, for instance in form of antiwar pictures and a Putin/Pussy Riot wall. Additionally he sings and writes the lyrics for a band that mixed post-punk with hardcore – but he also painted a memorial for Eazy-E in 1995. Thus, it isn‘t a big surprise that Matthias has been working on a series of portrait photographs during the last couple of years in which one can find the singer of the German punk legend EA80 as well as Berlins oldschool Graffiti-King Amok.

The notion of “subculture” is one that Matthias understands as a summoning to transgression, beyond all presupposed differences – in terms of a basic attitude of creativity. “Wildstyle” is a term of the 80ies youth culture, that has by now gone out of fashion, but it still resonates as an antithesis to a narrowed perspective and prescribed notions. It‘s not about the hermetics of an artistic style, but the hermetics of the principle of passion and dedication. As in the term of Disturbanity: what seems like an optical glitch disturbing the urban gray in the eyes of some is the definition of freedom and source of subversive joy for the other.


Nominierung des Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design. Für POWER OF LOVE mural, in CQ No.18, New York 2010

Nominierung des Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design. Für Bilder aus SPUK AM OSTKREUZ Serie, in CQ No. 28, New York 2012

Nominierung durch den ARTAQ URBAN ART Award Paris, 2012. Auszeichnung für Graffiti/Fotografie eines Werkes aus MAGIC MOMENTS Serie.

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