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EARTHBAG - a bag with statement

EARTHBAG - a bag with statement

Beautiful and fair: Our functional EARTHBAG is the proof, that design und sustainabilty are not in conflict. Buy one, get four: Die EARTHBAG is not only one bag. Its more...

Berlin Fashion
12,440 €
12,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
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 EARTHBAG - a bag with statement


Funding period 08.11.2013 17:58 Uhr - 15.12.2013 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 12,000 €
City Berlin
Category Fashion
Beautiful and fair: Our functional EARTHBAG is the proof, that design und sustainabilty are not in conflict. Buy one, get four: Die EARTHBAG is not only one bag. Its more...

What is this project all about?

Backpack, shoulder bag, hang bag or beach bag? ...with the earthbag you have got everything at any time.
But it is much more. It is a bag with message „I WANT MY EARTH BACK“:
The time is ripe to change the unfair and polluting production conditions in the textile industry.
This project is our first step towards a fair production and away from cheap and mass-produced goods.
But who needs 4 bags for which materials and resources are being wasted for when you can get all in 1?! With the EARTHBAG we have developed a product containing elements such as sustainability, design and function perfectly in spotlight.

EARTHBAG product features
It is one EARTHBAG but with a few moves you can change it to a backpack, shoulder bag, hang bag or beach bag. With a handy inner pocket for valuables.
Measurements: width 53 cm x height 38,5 cm x depth 13 cm / width 32 cm x height 38,5 cm x depth 13 cm
Material: 100% organic cotton
Manufactured in Poland under fair working conditions.

@ Everyone who choose the EARTHBAG as an incentive: The delivery is scheduled for mid-February of 2014. After the successful completion of this project you will receive a cool voucher for your EARTHBAG. You can also give them away as a gift ;)

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal: Saving the world. Okay, we are not super heroes, but at least making the world a little bit better...that is what we can. And every single person of you, too.
We want to make the first move with our EARTHBAG.
Our goal ist o produce at least 200 EARTHBAGS to make the earth more green, more stylish and more practical.

Our targetgroup: We have developped the EARTHBAG for everyone. For everyone who shares our passion for fair trends. For everyone who wants to improve the earth.
And for everyone who is now thinking:I WANT MY EARTH BACK!

Why would you support this project?

Your outfit is looking really nice. But have you ever asked yourself about the conditions of producing the clothes you are wearing right now? Exploitation of the operator, child labour or the use of harmful substances are just some examples.
If just one of these examples would apply would your outfit still be that nice? We do not think so. Because we also consider the “intrinsic values”: Therefore, with our EARTHBAG, we want to create a product which is not only (externally) beautiful but has also been produced in an ecological and socially correct manner. This is where sustainability meets functional design. The result is: beautiful.

In our opinion every „good“ produced product on the market is better than a conventional produced one.

Further more we are young and we need the money ;) It was enough for a bag, of course, but it is not enough to change the world. This is the reason why we need you to support us. Only with you it will be possible that our EARTHBAG will not remain a one-off.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

After many setbacks and modifications the product development is finally finished. We have already found certified fabric suppliers and production partners. So the EARTHBAG is ready for production. Therefore a minimum quantity of 200 EARTHBAGS is necessary. If we will achieve our funding goal (even without 200 preorders) we will definitely produce the EARTHBAGS.
The remaining ones will be available in our online shop in mid- February 2014. Of course they will not be delivered at bargain prices. So get yours NOW :)

The funding sum will flow directly into the production of the EARTHBAG:

- Development costs
- Material costs
- Production costs
- Packaging and transport

Fair, environmentally friendly and high-quality workmanship is not cheap but we are of the opinion that it is worth. Finally it is an investment in a better earth – with style.
As soon as we achieve the funding sum we can start to produce the EARTHBAG so that you can hold the EARTHBAG in your own hands soon.

Who are the people behind the project?

We, Bastian and Giang, are textile- and clothing managers, who are not accepting the current conditions in the fast-fashion-sector. With your assistance we want to show that things can be handled differently.

Project updates


Hallo liebe EARTHBACKer, es wird langsam Zeit für ein Projektupdate. Neben der EARTHBAG-Story im Blog würden wir euch heute gerne mit weiteren Informationen bezüglich unserer - und auch bald eurer - EARTHBAG versorgen. Es ist uns wichtig, dass ihr einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen unseres Projektes bekommt und euch sicher sein könnt, dass wir halten, was wir versprechen. Unsere Stoffe beziehen wir von Lebenskleidung, einer in Berlin ansässigen Stoffagentur. Lebenskleidung ist nach dem GOTS-Standard zertifiziert. GOTS steht übrigens für Global Organic Textile Standard, ein Zertifikat, welches sich an weltweit anerkannten Sozial- und Umweltstandards orientiert. Für die ganz Interessierten unter euch, hier erfahrt ihr alles, was ihr zum Thema GOTS wissen möchtet: http://www.global-standard.org/de/ Der Stoff ist ebenfalls GOTS zertifiziert, kommt aus Indien und wird unter fairen, ökologischen und sozialen Bedingungen hergestellt. Dank der engen und vertrauten Zusammenarbeit zwischen Lebenskleidung und deren Stofflieferanten, werden wir euch in Kürze auch Bilder vom Baumwollfeld und dem Standort in Indien zeigen (Die EARTHBAG-Story Teil IV). Die Produktion wird mit Common Works, einer Berliner Produktionsagentur abgewickelt. Common Works arbeitet in Polen mit verlässlichen Partnern zusammen. Dort werden unsere Taschen unter fairen und sozialen Arbeitsbedingungen auf höchstem europäischen Standard hergestellt. Die Einhaltung dieser Bedingungen wird von der Produktionsagentur regelmäßig überprüft. Wir werden auch Gelegenheit bekommen uns selbst vor Ort davon zu überzeugen. Da wir eure EARTHBAGs so schnell wie möglich ausliefern wollen, nähen wir die Taschen natürlich nicht selbst. Das würde ja viel zu lange dauern ;) Aber der Prototyp ist von uns handgemacht! Weitere Informationen folgen in unserem Blog :)

Legal notice
Earthback GmbH
Giang Phan
Wilhelm-Hauff-Str. 5
72474 Winterlingen Deutschland

Vertretungsberechtigte Personen: Bastian Baumann, Michael Krieger
UST-ID: DE 290236951
Handelsregister: HRB Amtsgericht Stuttgart 744942


Lebenskleidung ist eine nach dem Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) zertifizierte Textilagentur.
Sie haben sich auf den Vertrieb von ökologisch korrekten und fair produzierten Baumwoll- und Seidenstoffen spezialisiert.

Common Works steht für nachhaltige Modellentwicklung und transparente Modeproduktionen.

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