Hello and welcome! I'm Tokunbo, singer and songwriter. You may know me from TokTokTok. Or from my solo debut 'Queendom Come' which I released three years ago. With your support I would like to realise my second solo album 'The Swan'. I have written new songs and I can't wait to share them with you!
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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt / Projektberater
Yeah, you made it. The project is successful. I'm glad that the project can be realized now. Well done ;)

Happy New Year with 'Cast Away' & 'Rebecca'!

Tokunbo Akinro
Tokunbo Akinro1 min Lesezeit

Hello dear friends,
before bidding farewell to 2017 I would like to thank you all for your wonderful support and would like to share with two album trailers featuring my new songs, 'Cast Away' and 'Rebecca'. Hope you enjoy and that you look forward to more coming very soon :-)
May you look back happily at the past year.
I can't wait for 2018 with all it's excitement coming up!
See you on the other side.


Liebe Freunde,
bevor ich von 2017 Abschied nehme, möchte ich mich bei Euch für Eure wunderbare Unterstützung bedanken. Hier noch zwei kleine Trailer mit Ausschnitten meiner Songs 'Cast Away' und 'Rebecca'. Hoffentlich habt Ihr Freude dran und bekommt Lust auf mehr in gar nicht weiter Ferne!
Möget Ihr auf ein glückliches Jahr zurückblicken und voller Vorfreude auf 2018 sein!
Liebe Grüße,

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