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Projekte / Movie / Video
Geisterspiel / Ghost Game / Bo┼č trib├╝nler -Doku (T├╝rkisch/Deutsch/Englisch)
Ghost Game/Bo┼č trib├╝nler is a documentary project in three languages (turkish/german/english) which wants to attend the struggle and the protest of the turkish footballfans against the new e-ticket. It speaks to fans in whole europe.
6,866 ÔéČ
6,000 ÔéČ Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 06/03/2015 09:40 o'clock - 12/04/2015 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period Bis Ende 2015
Funding goal 6,000 ÔéČ
City Istanbul
Category Movie / Video

What is this project all about?

What is this project about?
After the gezi uprising in summer 2013 there were legislated hard laws against the Turkish football supporters. To watch a match in the first or second league, you have to get a so called ÔÇ×passoligÔÇť. All data of the fans are collected in this e-ticket, which is coupled with a decennial subscription at the ÔÇ×aktifbankÔÇť. The result are empty stadiums and creepy atmosphere nearly everywhere. We want to catch the protests and the actual situation of the Turkish fans in a documentary movie.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

What are our targets and target groups?
We want do portray the situation of the Turkish fans as good as it's possible, because in europe you get just a few lines about the fans' struggle there. We want to reach all fans, who want to know more, but also people outside the terraces, because it's just one scene in the world, where a rebellious and free culture gets into the suppression mechanism of a neoliberal-autocratic ruled country.

Why would you support this project?

Why should someone support this project?
The suppression of unpleasant groups like for example the ultras always has a political background. Especially in Turkey the government is scared of them and wants to make an exempel on them, what can be seen very well in the carsi trial. Too often such happenings are shown too shortly, like the fact, that all the fans ob the Istanbul clubs, who hate each other so much, demonstrate together. That something like this can happen, there is always a deep background, which we want to show in the documentary.
If you want to support us with your fanclub or organization, we offer to you, that we show the movie in your rooms and discuss with you. Also you can get some presents like you can see in our notes of thanks.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

What happens to the money in case of successful finance?
We have to bear the necessary costs for this documentation. We need a high-quality camera & equipment, light and so on. Also there are travel costs, maybe catering for the interview partners and so on.
We set the limit to be reached at 6.000,- Euro, but of course we are happy, if you give more, when the 6.000,- Euro-limit is already reached.
Because this is our first project in a size like this. So the 6.000,- Euro are just arithmetic and we cannot exclude that there can come even higher costs.
We want to produce the movie as soon as we can, that it can be published as actual as possible.
But of course we will inform you about our current standing.

Who are the people behind the project?

Who are the people behind this project?

We are Naz and Freddy, two mainly young football supporters from Istanbul and N├╝rnberg.
Naz is film student on the ÔÇ×academy of fine artsÔÇť in Vienna. Freddy worked the last time at ÔÇ×KurvenfunkÔÇť on Radio Z, an ultras radio from N├╝rnberg.

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B├╝t├╝n T├╝rk├že konu┼čan arkada┼člar─▒m─▒za, nas─▒l projemize destek verece─činizle ilgili bir a├ž─▒klama



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Friedemann Pitschak
Charlottenstra├če 15
90443 N├╝rnberg Deutschland

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