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Crowdfunding isn’t just about funding a project - it’s also about getting supporters excited about your idea and building a community.

Plan your campaign

  • Consider who your target audience is and which communication channels and topics you can reach them with. Find out whether there are important multipliers or ambassadors in your field of interest that you can integrate into your communication.
  • Create a communication plan before the campaign starts. Determine when to publish which content on the different channels (social media, website, newsletter, etc.), what else needs preparation and who takes on which task in the team.
  • Be prepared for the campaign's launch, as the first few days of your funding phase are particularly important for the project to kick off. We recommend setting up a mailing list, preparing the social media channels and updating your website or blog before starting. If you are planning a larger project or don't have much communication experience, it would make sense to get reinforcement for your team.

During the funding phase

  • Inform your network. Support for a crowdfunding project always starts in your own network - with your friends, family, fans, your audience, your team and their networks. Take the time and write your direct contacts personally. The more personal the project presentation, the sooner the crowd will get involved with your idea.
  • Follow your communication plan. Post your project on social networks, on your website or blog, write newsletters, inform your press contacts or organize an event to report personally on your idea. Ensure a varying communication and report on different topics such as the project idea, the team or the rewards.
  • Track your statistics. You’ll find them on your project page in the interface, and they’ll allow you to view page views, links and keywords for a selected period of time. This allows you to evaluate and adjust the communication during your campaign.
  • Embed the project widget on your website. The project widget is a preview of your project with a picture, brief description, and the current funding status. Anyone who clicks on the widget is directed to your Startnext project page. You can find all the information about the widget by clicking on the "embed" symbol (staple) in the header area of your project page. You'll also find details on how to embed the support button only.
  • Share relevant project news, such as your experiences from the start of the project to its realization and let your crowd take a peek behind the scenes. Your once-built crowd is the basis for every further project. It pays off to actively maintain your network before, during, and after your campaign: the supporters you bring together for your first project could stick with you for further projects down the line. The crowd is the capital of the future!

Communication channels on Startnext

  • Blog: With the blog you inform your supporters about important news about your project, e.g. about milestones and the delivery of your rewards.
  • Wall: Everyone is free to add questions, praise, feedback, and other comments to the wall. Be sure to check the wall regularly to respond to questions and engage with the posters.
  • Messaging system: Address your supporters and fans with direct messages. You also have the possibility of contacting only a specific group - for example, all supporters or only the supporters who have requested a specific reward.

About Startnext

Startnext is the largest crowdfunding community for projects and startups in German-speaking countries. Founders*, inventors* and creative people finance and launch their ideas together with the crowd.

Startnext statistics

60,650,078 € funded by the crowd
6,717 successful projects
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