Calculate your funding goal

The funding goal is the minimum amount you need to realize your project and send the rewards to your supporters. If you reach your funding goal by the end of the funding phase, you get the money - if not, the money goes back to your supporters.


  • Calculate the costs that arise with your project as closely as possible.
  • Calculate how much the production and shipping of your rewards will cost.
  • Do a reality check: Take a look at similar projects and figure out how many people you can reach and inspire with your project. You need about 1 click on your project page for each 1 Euro of funding.
  • Projects can be overfunded if many supporters want to have the rewards or you motivate your crowd with new goals. Explain to your supporters transparently how you will use the extra money.
  • Contact potential partners and sponsors in advance so you can plan better with larger sums.


  • Avoid unexpected costs by preparing for the worst case. And get information about legal costs, taxes and the Startnext fee.
  • Crowdfunding is usually not a donation. Only registered nonprofit organizations are allowed to collect donations. It's better to say "support" instead of "donation".

Example for your calculation

+ Project costs: material, equipment, rent, salaries, buffer, etc.

+ Thank you: material, production, packaging, shipping etc.

+ Fees & taxes: Startnext fees, legal costs, taxes etc.

= Funding goal

Tip: If you like, you can set a 2nd funding goal. The 1st funding goal is the cost with which you can just implement your project. The 2nd funding goal can be a strategic goal to better implement your project.