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Pitch your story by video

The authentic project video

The project video is the heartbeat of your Startnext project. There you tell the story behind the project and give a trustworthy insight into your world.
Here you are in the brave film studio corner and with the question: "Professionally produced or homemade?" in an inspiring place.

  • Professional or homemade? This is not the relevant question.
  • A video is a video, is your story.
  • Tell your story to potential supporters, no matter how.
  • Be bold, authentic and approachable.
  • Focus on the strengths of your idea and the people associated with it.
  • Upload the finished video to Vimeo or Youtube and include the video link in the project interface.

Tips and tricks

  • Introduce yourself and/or the team personally.
  • At the end, formulate the call to action to support the project.
  • The first 20 seconds count. The viewers decide in this time whether they watch your video to the end or not.
  • Keep it as short as possible and shorten the video to a maximum of 3 minutes
  • If you already have a teaser or commercial for your product, include it after your personal speech.
  • Besides shooting a pitch video do also a thank you video.
  • Use license-free music e.g. from Soundcloud or Free Music Archive.
  • Cut your video and shorten long-winded shots.
  • Use free editing programs like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, DaVinciResolve or Shortcut.
  • Watch videos of ongoing projects for inspiration.