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"KlangWelten" ein Dokumentarfilm von Hendrik John - Postproduktion

"KlangWelten" ein Dokumentarfilm von Hendrik John - Postproduktion

Center of this about 80 minutes long film is the harpist and guiding spirit of the World Music Festival "KlangWelten": Rüdiger Oppermann. I followed him for 2 years with the c...

Hamburg Movie / Video
Hendrik John
Hendrik John
5,148 €
5,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
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Funding period 21.11.2012 10:42 Uhr - 13.02.2013 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 5,000 €
City Hamburg
Category Movie / Video
Center of this about 80 minutes long film is the harpist and guiding spirit of the World Music Festival "KlangWelten": Rüdiger Oppermann. I followed him for 2 years with the camera on exciting journeys in search of traditional musicians and for concerts in 7 countries and 3 continents. On my own bat and my own expense. Resulting in more than 100 hours of footage, which will now have to be examined and cut. This costs a lot of With your help, this film could now be finished!

What is this project all about?

Rüdiger Oppermann is an amazing harpist, he plays the Celtic harp, but he is also a harp maker and builds all his instruments by himself.
He made the Celtic harp, popular in Germany, and transferred the first African, Indian and structures of minimal music on his instrument.
Since 25 years he is the organizer and guiding spirit of "KlangWelten Festival" one of europe's most influential WorldMusic festivals. Here come together in annually changing international ensembles, musicians from all kinds of cultures.
Exceptional is, that he searches almost all his musicians himself from every corner of the earth. On years of traveling through Africa and Asia, he has intensively studied the music and lives of many people. Especially in poor countries, the traditional styles of music and many unusual musical instruments, are threatened with extinction. Many musicians from mostly remote villages, he has taken to European stages in the recent decades. By this he not only made a small contribution to the improvement of their living conditions, but also their locally often dwindling reputation as a musician of their own traditional music culture gets strengthened and invigorated.
The film gives an up close and personal look into the life and work of this untiring adventurer and accompanied him for two years during his many activities. On his farm in French Alsace, where he assembled Europe's largest harp collection, on his adventurous "Discovery Travels" to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Istanbul and Indonesia, on his activities in the recording studio as a producer and promoter of young musicians, on the terrific "Summer Music Festival" which he started 23 years ago and where musicians and music lovers gather from around the world, and of course on tour in Germany with the "KlangWelten Festival" and numerous concerts.
A personal portrait
A musical film
A documentary road movie

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

"To give Utopia a leg up!"
Rüdiger Oppermann

Why would you support this project?

For me there was no question whether this project interested me. I was immediately excited and I plunged into it head over heels. In a jiffy two years went by and I have accompanied Rüdiger on various trips in 7 countries and have seen and heard fantastic things.
Now I have this huge mountain of mor than 100 hours of HD video, countless concert recordings, old Super-8 footage and many photos old from Rüdiger from around the world, lots of interviews and music.
I have invested much time and much money. But for now, my wallet is empty and I need to work for my living on my other paid work projects.
The post-production budget required would allow me to finally finish this film.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

For the completion of the film I need at least 5,000. Or gladly more..
Then I would have the opportunity to exclusivly work for 2-3 months with the material to sift through and cut. Then also I could pay an assistant, as well as color correction and sound mixing.

Who are the people behind the project?

I stand behind this project initially, Hendrik John, as an initiator, filmmaker and producer.
But of course, Rüdiger Oppermann himself, because he has actively supported this project and without him all this would not happen.
Then all the people who have contributed to this day to this project.
And finally, maybe YOU, if you contribute to its completion and become part of the project!

Thank you!

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