Agnes Alves Olivo

Agnes Alves Olivo

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Agnes Alves Olivo is a 5th Semester Film student at Hochschule Darmstadt and production intern at Bavaria Films.
“Vollrausch” will be her second fictional film.

Born 1998 in Curitiba, Brazil. She grew up reading a lot, writing short stories, and creating worlds. During high school, she did an exchange year near Portland, in the USA, where she attended photography and theater classes and was part of the backstage crew for an awarded musical.

She came to live in Germany with her family in 2016, pursuing to study film. She took a 3-week filmmaking workshop in Paris, learned German at the Studienkolleg München, and got her first job in the film industry: set-runner in a Joyn production.

Her short film “The Moldy Cake” was screened in three festivals for young filmmakers. Since then, she did a Light/Grip internship at MBF Filmtechnik Rental, in Frankfurt, directed a documentary (“Traumheilung”) and an experimental short (“Anxiety”).

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Out Of Sight, Out of Mind - Short film
Film / Video

Out Of Sight, Out of Mind - Short film

A short film critique against the mental abuse, which social media content moderators have to endure with little psychological support.