Andy Widder

Deutschland / Dielheim

I was very lucky to be able to turn my hobby into my profession:

Since 1990 I have loved and lived my dream and worked with music: events, tours, record label and music publishing and much more.
Everything in the field of swingin' 40s, rockin' 50s and surfin' 60s interests me. We work almost exclusively with current bands, who mostly compose and produce their own songs.

In my private life I am often on the road in social, local and voluntary teams, I like to do project, network and structure work here (together is much better, together instead of against each other).

To find myself and to get new strength I like to spend time with my wonderful wife and our great dogs (two Salukis and a German Shorthair) in nature.

Abonnierte Projekte
Eigene Projekte
The King Drapes - Tattoed Heart LP

The King Drapes - Tattoed Heart LP

Tattoed Heart, the new vinyl album by the King Drapes, get it now!
2-LP - Foggy Mountain Rockers - Rock\'n\'Roll Philosophy

2-LP - Foggy Mountain Rockers - Rock'n'Roll Philosophy

Lasst uns gemeinsam die Doppel-LP "RnR Philosophy" auf weißem Vinyl veröffentlichen. Support making the double LP "RnR Philosophy" on white vinyl
Vinyl Album: I Belli Di Waikiki - "Aloha"

Vinyl Album: I Belli Di Waikiki - "Aloha"

ALOHA! - Let's make a VINYL LP of this fantastic album by "I Belli Di Waikiki", four crazy and fun guys from around Venice, Italy
Walldorf Rock\'n\'Roll Weekender 2022

Walldorf Rock'n'Roll Weekender 2022

Meine Güte, 24 Monate ohne unseren Weekender. Wir stecken fest. My goodness, 24 months without our Weekender. We are stuck with ongoing cost
Vinyl - The Revolutionaires - Joker Royal

Vinyl - The Revolutionaires - Joker Royal

Help us to produce this vinyl LP "Joker Royal" by The Revolutionaires and the vinyl 7" single "Lookin Good/Burnt Toast And Black Coffee"
The Edwardian Devils LP

The Edwardian Devils LP

Unterstütz uns bei der Produktion unseres Debut Albums auf Vinyl!