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Anna Gorokhova

Germany / Frankfurt am Main

Anna Gorokhova was born in Moscow and started her dance education at seven years of age. Anna studied in several professional ballet schools, but finished her education in the school of contemporary dance by Ogryzkov. At the age of eighteen Anna moved to Frankfurt am Main to get her Bachelor Degree in "Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst. During the education she did an apprenticeship in Staatstheater Mainz with "Tanzmainz company". After the graduation Anna started to teach and freelance and at the moment she is a guest dancer in Staatstheater Darmstadt. Furthermore Anna joined "Junior Ballet Frankfurt" in 2017 and she is going to participate in a new upcoming project of a company, which is going to be a contemporary evening of young choreographers.

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Poem - Poesie trifft Bewegung

"Poem - kann man ein Gedicht tanzen?" Der Zusammschluss Junior Ballet Frankfurt (JBF) möchte den Tanz mit der Musik und Poesie verbinden.
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Poem - Poesie trifft Bewegung