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Christian Avgulas

Österreich / Wien

I'm a guy from Vienna who is fascinated by "mind-shif-processes". What makes us change ourselfs/our behaviour? What makes us want to change ourselfs/our behaviour?

Like everybody else here, I'm working on my impact on the world. I'm selfemployed as financial consultant and insurance agent. To be honest I basically despise most of my competitors for their lack of ethics. However this motivates me to redefine the role-model in my field.

By now I'm involved in quite some projects in austria. The most important ones to me:

MONSTRUKT. An association I founded with some friends some years ago. We give direct support to projects, ideas and organisations in various fields. Our biggest step in the moment is organizing the "Generationen-Nachhaltigkeits Konferenz" ("generational-sustainability conference") in the Arena Wien.

D.E.R. DRINK. Basically the first anti-hangover drink in austria with a strong focus on image-transfer to projects and actors in the field of practical sustainability.

SEANTE OF ECONOMICS. An association that stimulates and supports eco-social market-economy in austria. Specifically, I'm a member of the YOUNG SENATE, so the part of the SENATE that represents the "Young Economics" and gives input to the SENATE from this point of view.

I'm also quite interested in open-source and open-mind projects. Exspecially Drupal and its community accompanied me for some years now.

PS: my nickname is "the greek" ... guess why... ;-)