Axel Hebenstreit

Germany / Regensburg

Axel Hebenstreit, born 1970, studied design in Krefeld, working self employed since his diploma in 1998 mainly in the field of classical graphic design & building websites ( and since 2012 as well as a professional photographer. He lives in Regensburg. Some call him the photographer with the rose glasses on. Axel has the gift to always see the most beautiful and radiant in people. His strength lies above all in the ability to perceive the essence, the spirit at an event or in a person and to make it visible through photography filled with love and compassion.

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SOULS of LIGHT – Bildband

SOULS of LIGHT – Bildband

285 berührende Bilder von leuchtenden Seelen aus 6 Jahren Fotografie auf internationalen, nachhaltigen Festivals