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Tobi Deckert

Deutschland / Siegsdorf

TAUSENDSASSA with successful ambition, focus and profession as:
Entrepreneur - Engineer - Stuntman - DJ - Athlete - Sport model

With his impregnable passion to sports, especially towards an extreme direction such as skiing, paragliding, kitesurfing and so on, he developed his skills as an engineer accordingly. His open-minded thinking made him succeed in his master’s degree (industrial engineering) in Germany, Austria, Italy and Finland. 5 Years working as a product developer in the kitesurfing, paragliding and event industry, he developed his expertise for lightweight and inflatable constructions. Travelling the world in terms of production matters, marketing, product development and sports his problem-solving capabilities and innovative thinking brought up many ideas for several products and companies. In the meantime, running several own businesses like ShredRack, Apres-Allstars and tronature he is trying to take bigger steps.

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Das aufblasbare Multifunktionskissen für Workout, Yoga und Entspannung mit unserer patentierten Pumptechnologie. Made in Germany & Fair produziert.
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