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Rocketz - Mobile Soundsystem

Rocketz - Mobile Soundsystem

Party anywhere with ROCKETZ! The ultra-mobile party soundsystem.

Trier Technology
Nicolas Waters
Vera Dommershausen
Shatai Chi
Nico Dauven
Will Aylward
Paula Forster
Das Rocketz Team
12,037 €
20,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Rocketz - Mobile Soundsystem


Funding period 16.03.2016 14:58 Uhr - 03.05.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period May to June 2016
Funding threshold 10,000 €
Funding goal 20,000 €
City Trier
Category Technology
From a crazy idea to an affordable, ultra-portable party sound system. Rocketz is a mobile sound system with power! How does it work? Specially modified buckets are transformed into a speaker enclosure, delivering a great music listening experience with bass! The next step is for Rocketz to go into mass production. With your support we can make it simple and affordable for pepole enjoy great quality music with great bass anywhere. PARTY ANYWHERE with the Rocketz Soundsystem!

What is this project all about?

Rocketz Soundsystem is a great sounding, powerful, low cost, easy to use mobile sound system.

The sound system consists of two 55x25cm cylindical speakers with built in 50 watt speakers drivers and an easy to use bluetooth amplifier.

The speaker enclosure consists of two specially modified easily connectable Polypropelene buckets. They are reinforced and fitted with special dampening materials. This makes the speakers extremely light, yet robust with a great sound.

The two speaker halves can be detached and stacked together to fit into a special rucksack for easy transport! Everything weights under 4kg!

The speakers are powered by a super energy efficient chip amplifier, and can easily be connected by bluetooth or a headphone jack to any smartphone, tablet, notebook or MP3 player.

The ROCKETZ soundsystem is versatile. It can run on mains power for indoor party use. It can also be powered by an optional battery pack making it perfect for "off grid" outdoor partying in good weather where there is no electricity.

There is an optional battery power pack, which holds 8 x AA batteries. The ROCKETZ soundsystem is so energy efficient, that it's possible to power the soundsystem with the battery pack for a party with music for up to eight hours (depending on battery type).

The battery pack allows easy and quick battery replacement (also with rechargeables), so there is practically no limit to how long you pan party "off grid".

Everything can fit in an optional Swiss Army recycled backpack.

When you order the Deluxe model this includes the battery pack, backpack and ambient lighting for the speakers.

The incredible light weight, robustness, portability and battery use means that with ROCKETZ you have the freedom to party anywhere!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With your help, we want to put the Rocketz in production and make it possible for you to be the proud owner of a ROCKETZ soundsystem.

ROCKETZ has impressive power, especially compared to Boomboxes.

ROCKETZ is ideal for those who like to party and attach importance to a low-priced, good quality, simple to use mobile party sound system.

Ideal for example for:
Birthday parties, weddings
House parties
Barbecue, Event & Catering
On holiday

Or simply enjoying loud, great sounding music in good weather in the park or garden. Infact anywhere!

Why would you support this project?

You want to experience music with friends, WHEN and WHEREVER you want?

Partying and having fun?
Great sound with powerful bass ?
All this without having to spend a pile of money on it?

Then the Rocketz sound system is made for you!

For the last year we have been renting out our sound system across Germany. There have been over 200 parties in over 50 cities with great reviews. We have a Facebook rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and over 3000 Facebook fans!

With your help, we want start production of ROCKETZ soundsystem, so everyone can own it and party anywhere!

Additional product information can be found under www.rocketz.de

For this to happen, we need you can play an important part. Our goal is music for everyone and everywhere and with your support we can make this happen.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

At the moment we are building the Rocketz Soundsystem speakers individually by hand. With the Crowdfunding money we can better equip our production base, so we can start serial production to build the ROCKETZ faster and cheaper for you.

Once we reach our funding limit, the production base upgrade will start. The faster we reach our funding goal , the quicker we can get started making the party soundsystems for you.

Who are the people behind the project?

Rocketz - from a crazy idea to an ultra-mobile Party Sound System!

Behind Rocketz is a great, hard working team who are passionate about making an affordable, mobile and easy to use party soundsystem.

Nick Waters - Inventor / Founder
Max Kaub - Engineering and development
Vera Dommerhausen - Development and design
Shatai Cicektas - Design and photography
Paula Forster - Design and photography
David Kaub - IT and production
Karina Schöffer - Production & development
Maria Haun - Marketing
Nico Dauven - Logistic & QC
Anna Nalez - Communication

Legal notice
Rocketz Soundsystem
Nicolas Waters
Saarstraße 25
54290 Trier

Nicolas Waters
Email info@rocketz.de
Tel: +49 651 43611668

As a German"small business" , according to legal paragraph §19 we are excempt from VAT.


Leihbar offers a convenient and low cost 24/7 rental service in Berlin, Germany.

Through Leigbar you can rent the ROCKETZ from several locations locations in Berlin. It's also a great way to take the ROCKETZ for a test flight!

Ilsen is a Family run German packaging manufacturer. They support us in the development of our speaker enclosures.

Ilsen are also able recycling materials to make packaging. Now together with ROCKETZ we can upcycle!

Hongandfriends is a team of designers who create intelligent "Fairtrade" prints and textiles communication.

They also make our Matchsack bag crowdfunding remard.

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