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Fotobook by Gili Shani & Chris Steinweg Underground, privat, kinky. We photographed more than 200 people privately during the Corona period in Berlin.

Voyeur.Berlin.Kinky. At the time when all clubs are closed, we shoot more than 200 people very intimate, kinky, erotic photos. these people give a rarely seen insight into their private life. photographed by Gili Shani, who has been the house photographer of the legendary KitKat Club in Berlin for many years and together with Symbiotikka KitKat Club is one of the most intimate parties in Berlin. This picture book and exhibition is a homage for the Berlin Kinky community and for art lover.
31.07.20 - 15.10.20
End of October 2020
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Mindestbetrag (Startlevel): 4.000 €

With this aim, a part of the book production is paid for.
With this goal in mind, we can take further risks.
We feel strengthened and motivated to continue.

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Worum geht es in dem Projekt?

These pictures have never been seen before. it is a unique contemporary document of a scene that is very closed, but which also shapes Berlin culture, club life and the special nature of this city. The people who are in front of Gili's camera show up in their private surroundings. Naked, kinky, sexy, in fetish outfits, in sexual action, very private and always totally authentic. These people live this lifestyle, who come from all areas: they are sex positive, respectful, diverse, body positive, self-determined and in consensus. they are heterosexual, gay, fetishists, bdsm fans, queer, lesbian, playful, peculiar, trans, exhibitionist, and so much more ... they are real. they allow an insight into their sexual world, which remains closed to the most. From the thousands of photos, we make a photo book with about 400 pages and a photo art exhibition. We need your support to finance this project, print the photo book, the costs of the exhibition and the planning and implementation. This is not just about art, about documenting a special world, but also about a social attitude, for more curiosity, more respect, more diversity, more love for and between people and more responsibility for a better life together.

Was sind die Ziele und wer ist die Zielgruppe?

What we do!
We have already photographed more than 200 people, in the end there will be around 200 people.
a high-quality photo book with approx. 400 pages is planned. In addition, 1-3 exhibitions in Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg.

Our goal
The project appeals to art and photography lovers, but also stylists, fashion lovers, club people, people from the kinky and techno scene, curious people, who have an insight into the Berlin underground scene, into the KitKat Club Berlin and into the fetish scene .

Warum sollte jemand dieses Projekt unterstützen?

We are serious and authentic!
Especially in corona times this sensitive underground culture is endangered. the clubs are closed, many communication rooms are no longer available. therefore we go privately to these people and show them so that they are understood and not perished.

The project is an authentic testimony to a culture and a time that has never been shown so intensely and honestly.

Was passiert mit dem Geld bei erfolgreicher Finanzierung?

We need your support!
The money raised is used to pay for the production of this high-quality around 400-page photo book and the associated exhibitions

Wer steht hinter dem Projekt?

by Symbiotikka at KitKat Club Berlin

Photos by Gili Shani
He has been an exclusive photographer for the legendary KitKat Club, documenting the club scene of Berlin for over 15 years. He is one of the most intimate connoisseurs of the Berlin kink scene.
his work had been been published in many book before and magazines all over the world.

Text by Charlotte Spitzner
She is a young, very talented writer and has been a select at the door of the KitKat Club Berlin for several years.

Published by Christoph Steinweg
He has been organizing a successful Symbiotikka Party at KitKat Club Berlin for years. Christoph is the founder of two advertising agencies, is a lecturer in marketing and design and publisher of various books an curater of exhibitions.
He is the initiator of the largest sex-positive festivals in Germany "Fleicheslust", a long-time part and mouthpiece of the Berlin BDSM scene and the maker of various art projects.

Voyeur.Berlin.Kinky. Team

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