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Introducing & partnership of Ntombi Langa Radio Project to media houses in Namibia, Tanzania and Burkina Faso:

Information ecosystems: Setting up structures in countries in the Sub-Sahara: establishing local teams that will creat and share information that cover topics on community development: complimenting existing radio clubs to create and sharing gender-based themes. Inspiring civil dialog and participation; gently facilitating gender relevant themes and highlighting diverse voices and experiences already existing in communities.
23.06.23 - 31.08.23
01.10.2023 to 31.12.2023
Website & Social Media
Mindestbetrag (Startlevel): 7.000 €

-Purchase of Radio equipment;-Seminare costs & workshops in three African countries, Namibia, Tanzania, & Burkina Faso

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Worum geht es in dem Projekt?

Ntombi Langa Radio is a project that seeks to link African women’s voices in Bremen, Germany, & Diasporan communities on one hand & and on the other hand, reach out to the regions of Sub-Sahara Africa. African women in the Diaspora have important life-saving information to share with African women in the Sub-Sahara continent. The themes will focus on the risks and challenges of migration: deaths through dehydration, abductions by slave traders and organ harvesters, and human trafficking. The genital cutting of girls in Germany, Europe and in some African communities is the hot topic. The forums will debate such criminal acts, as per Geneva convention. The radio will also discuss child marriages and how it impedes the girl-empowerment.

Was sind die Ziele und wer ist die Zielgruppe?

Giving information about causes, and effects on migration should be facilitated in Sub-Saharan communities first. This first-hand information should come from women in the Diaspora.
-The escape routes to Europe and the consequences in the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea, dealing with smuggling gangs and subsequent dangers and the current lives of African women in the Diaspora is a life-saving information to be shared with women in Africa.
The genital cutting of children in African societies in Germany and Europe-wide will be thematized: the criminal aspect of genital cutting in Germany, African women may not know, is important information for African Diasporan women to share in radio platforms.
-There should be a shift in the mindset of African youth that leaving African is solving their economic challenges: in retrospect, it is the beginning of serious challenges in EU countries. African youth should see Africa as their own continent with unlimited resources. Greener pastures are not green!
-Podcasts on these above topics is important information for women in Africa before they can make these perilous journeys.

The target groups are women in Sub-Sahara Africa and African women in the Diaspora.

Warum sollte jemand dieses Projekt unterstützen?

Why you should assist this project!
-About 600,000 women living in Europe have been subjected to FGM and a further 180,000 girls are at a high risk of FGM in 13 European countries alone.
FGM is an expression of deeply entrenched gender inequalities, grounded in a mix of cultural, religious, and social factors inherent within patriarchal families and communities.
-Migration: African women make perilous journeys on foot - direction north.
Their aim is to reach the shores of Europe.
Journeys through the Sahara are made daily.
Dozens of deaths are due to dehydration & hunger.
Dozens are sold as sex-slaves in north African cities & the Middle East.
Thousands of deaths by drowning in the Mediterranean Sea are known.
only a fraction of them reach the shores of Europe.
Part of that fraction, again, face deportation back to their countries.
Was that painful journey worth it?
-African Women in Germany & Europe can play a big role.
African women in Bremen and Germany have important information to share with women in Africa.
Information that can save lives.
They are familiar with the dangerous journeys in the Sahara Desert.
Escaped death by starvation & dehydration.
Escaped being sold as sex slaves in North African cities.
Escaped dangers of organ harvesting in the Sahara Desert.
Survived drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.
Face multiple challenges in their newly found “paradise” in Europe.
Is this information not scary enough?
Please ssupport us so that we can help ourselves!

Was passiert mit dem Geld bei erfolgreicher Finanzierung?

Radio Equipment in three countries Namibia, Tanzania & Burkina Faso
- Sound Mixer - 2,500 Euros
- CD Player - 150 Euros
- Computer für Recording and Editing - 500 Euros
- 2 LCD Displays - 30 Euros
- 2 External Sound Cards - 30 Euros
- 3 Microphones - 250 Euros
- 2 Microphone Stands - 50 Euros
- Table - 50 Euros
- Wiring - 50 Euros
Total costs Equipment = 4,063 Euros (cost of one town)
We have three towns: Windhoek, Dar-es-Salam and Burkina Faso
3* 4,063 EUR = 12,189 EUR
Costs of equipment in three African towns: 12,189 EUR
Travelling costs: 5000 EUR
Seminare and workshops costs: = 2000 EUR
Total costs: = 19.189 EUR

Wer steht hinter dem Projekt?

Nomazulu Thata-Peltzer - Project Manager and Head of Production
Jackie Touleque - In charge of French-speaking podcast production
Faustina - In charge of English and Ghanaian podcast production
Eghe - In charge of English and Nigerian podcast production
Katharina Merz - German speaker and podcast producer in Europe

Nomazulu Thata

Welche Nachhaltigkeitsziele verfolgt dieses Projekt?

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Warum zahlt das Projekt auf dieses Ziel ein?

Guided by the UN-Sustainable Millennium Goals: Ntombi Langa Radio’s mission is to offer a platform for women in regions of Sub-Sahara Africa with a concept based on vibrant communications within diverse communities with the aim of uplifting the lives of rural and urban women and children, incorporating and developing synergies and local solidarity. Thinking global and acting local.

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17.07.23 - The amount to afford a journey to three...

The amount to afford a journey to three African countries: Namibia, Tanzania and Burkina Faso to set up radio structures will require about EUR 7000.

17.07.23 - The amount to afford a journey to three...

The amount to afford a journey to three African countries: Namibia, Tanzania and Burkina Faso to set up radio structures will require about EUR 5000.

17.07.23 - The crowdfunders can give any amount they...

The crowdfunders can give any amount they want to give without fixed level

24.06.23 - Setting up structures in three countries...

Setting up structures in three countries
Seminare and workshops in Africa
Radio equipments

24.06.23 - Setting up structures in three countries...

Setting up structures in three countries
Seminare and workshops in Africa
Radio equipments

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Setting structures in Bremen Namibia Tanzania Burkina Faso
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