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Pyrenean Adventures

Pyrenean Adventures

Pyrenean Adventures will be a thrilling motorcycle road movie. A journey across the Pyrenean Mountains from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic and back. A movie seen with th...

Düsseldorf Movie / Video
Stephan Fritsch
bildversorger Sven Opitz
Dirk Schäfer
Andreas Prinz
25,463 €
25,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
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Funding period 19.03.2014 10:32 Uhr - 18.05.2014 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 25,000 €
City Düsseldorf
Category Movie / Video
Pyrenean Adventures will be a thrilling motorcycle road movie. A journey across the Pyrenean Mountains from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic and back. A movie seen with the eyes of three experienced motorcycle travellers.

What is this project all about?

As always the two protagonists Andy and Dirk celebrate the joy of motorcycling, cope with the weird, ride through outstanding scenery and drink heaps of coffee. Now with their cameraman Stephan the last point will become more important!

Joking apart: “Pyrenean Adventures” is an exciting motorcycle road movie. A journey across the wild mountains between France and Spain. From west to east and east to west. A movie seen through the eyes of three experienced riders. “Pyrenean Adventures” is not only about presenting the fascinating landscape of the Pyrenees but also about experiencing a journey with all its ups and downs. No matter if there be heat or snow, tarmac or gravel roads, hotel beds or sleeping bags, luck or misfortune.

Pyrenean Adventures shows motorcycling unvarnished, undisguised, plain and raw. Not through a soft-focus lens. An eventful and humorous adventure between France and Spain, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic, Baguette and Paella, Bonjour and Buenas Dias. All this flavoured with thrilling shots from a pro filmmaker.
You’ll be looking forward to it. We are already!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is clear: As soon as you watch the movie your heart should beat twice as fast, a thin layer of sweat shall appear on your forehead and you will feel the overwhelming desire to pack your things, get your bike started and travel in the tyre tracks of the filmmakers.

Our audience are people who know, or would like to get to know,the Pyrenees. They like to ride motorcycles and their pulses are automatically quickened by the sight of windy roads and beautiful bikes.

Why would you support this project?

“Pyrenean Adventures” is not a project that we’re creating as our main occupation and therefore we can’t finance it in advance. This is why this movie can only be made with your help. We strongly believe that this movie will be great fun and entertainment for all motorcycle riders and those with an ineterest in the Pyrenees.

Our motivation is the belief in our cinematic and acting abilities and our entertaining storylines. But most of all it is our enthusiasm about the idea itself. If you share our enthusiasm we’d like you to become part of it, support us and contribute to make a wonderful motorcycle travelling movie.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money will be used to pay the unavoidable costs of a professional movie production such as travel expenses, film (technology) hardware, title composition, effects, sound mastering, music, speakers and translations and of course the DVD production. If there is more money than we are asking for we’ll invest in better equipment and more days on location.

Who are the people behind the project?

Three guys who not only enjoy but live motorcycling. Since their boyhood they have been into motorcycles and undertaken journeys into every corner of the planet. They’ve gathered lots of experience in documenting their travels in photography and filming. Their journeys have been published internationally in magazines, books and movies.

In detail:
Andreas Prinz, born in 1960, took an apprenticeship as a mechanic and studied mechanical engineering. After working five years as an engineer he left the engineering office and started a motorcycle workshop to follow his three passions more intensively: Travelling, motorcycles and travelling on motorcycles.

Dirk Schäfer, born in 1964, is a photographer and writer for international motorcycle and travel magazines. His multimedia shows have been rewarded for outstanding photography and intoxicating stories.

Dirk and Andreas run the website "http://motorradkarawane.de" and are the producers of the movies “Africa – Coast to Coast”, “Via Mediterra – The Journey around the Med” and “Tunisia – Sand aufs Herz”.

Stephan Fritsch, born in 1971, is a filmmaker. With curiosity, comprehension and an outrageous commitment for good stories he’s likely to be found in a desert, on the back of racing vehicles, behind barred windows or in dark theater coulisses. But no matter where: You won’t meet him without a camera.

The team is completed by filmmaker:
Sven Opitz, born in 1971, produces - if you believe Wikipedia - for more than 100 years videos, movies and brilliant trailers. With a wide open heart, a true understanding for dreams and an eye for ideas and budgets he realizes what others wish. He keeps calm and maintains his sense of humour in all situations. He is able to retell a movie in less than three minutes!

Stephen and Sven have their own film production company called http://bildversorger.de/ and are responsible for the web video series mopeten.tv, the award-winning film 'Road Blog 2010' and 'Expedition Sahara'.

Legal notice
bildversorger fritsch & opitz GbR
Bilker Allee 217
40215 Düsseldorf Deutschland

Ust.Id.Nr.: DE263092852

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