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Folter und andere Formen der Misshandlung sind trotz des universellen Verbotes weiterhin weltweit grausame Realität. Folter ist kein isoliert auftretendes Phänomen, sondern wird oft systematisch im Namen der Sicherheit angewandt. Die Forschung hat gezeigt, dass Folter und unmenschliche Behandlung effektiv verhindert werden können. Unterstützen Sie uns dabei, den Atlas of Torture ins Leben zu rufen. Gemeinsam sind wir stärker als wir oft glauben.
51.440 €
50.000 € Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
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27.07.18, 09:55 Nora Katona
THANK YOU all for your incredible support! You are amazing! We have not only reached but even exceeded our funding goal! :)
27.07.18, 09:54 Nora Katona
Walter Suntinger, Independent Human Rights Consultant, reflects on the challenges faced in the human rights field today and what role the Atlas of Torture has to play in creating change.
16.07.18, 15:01 Nora Katona
“We need it. Torture prevention needs it.” – Anton van Kalmthout, former member of the Council of Europe's Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman and Degrading Treatment (CPT) and Acting Member of the Board of Penal Reform International on the Atlas of Torture!
13.07.18, 09:42 Nora Katona
In the past weeks, many of you asked: “But how will the Atlas of Torture work?” Watch our short video reply! The video explains in brief what we want to establish with your support.
12.07.18, 15:50 Nora Katona
"Get Active, Donate, Support the Atlas of Torture!" — Josef Pröll, President of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft explains why he supports the Atlas of Torture.
10.07.18, 14:05 Nora Katona
The last weeks were intense and exciting: We have launched a crowdfunding campaign, a beta version of the Atlas of Torture and spread the word about the project to as many people as possible! We have received an amazing amount of messages ensuring support and cooperation. With your help, we have already reached 62% of our funding goal but still need 19.000€ to establish the Atlas of Torture. Based on the positive feedback, we are convinced that with your support we will be able to achieve 100% in the next two weeks. Therefore, we prolonged our campaign until 26 July 2018. So far, numerous eminent experts supported our project with testimonial videos (available at our blog here): Markus Jäger (Council of Europe) Mari Amos (UN Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture) Pau Pérez-Sales (World Psychiatric Association) Matylda Pogorzelska & Jonas Grimheden (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) Rachel Murray (University of Bristol) Richard Carver (Oxford Brookes University) Josef Pröll (President of the Ludwig Boltzmann Society) Krassimir Kanev (Bulgarian Helsinki Committee) If you want to know more on this project, read the articles from the Austrian press coverage on the Atlas of Torture: Ö1 (Radio, not available anymore) Wiener Zeitung Standard Presse Profil Please support us, stay informed and spread the word!
10.07.18, 11:28 Nora Katona
The Atlas of Torture will be a tool for "bringing together stakeholders to discuss challenges, to elaborate standards and to learn from each other". Krassimir Kanev from the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee reflects on the role of the Atlas of Torture for civil society.
03.07.18, 17:12 Nora Katona
"A systematic sharing of information is a very good way of coordinating our efforts," says Richard Carver from Oxford Brookes University. Watch our video to find out more about the challenges faced today in the fight against torture and how the Atlas of Torture can make a difference! Support it to make it a reality!
03.07.18, 11:59 Nora Katona
“The Atlas of Torture is an invaluable platform for everyone involved with tackling torture. It acts as a ‘one stop shop’ to build key partnerships.” states Rachel Murray from University of Bristol
02.07.18, 10:44 Nora Katona
“We cannot help survivors and we cannot do any prevention activities without a very close collaboration,” says Thomas Wenzel from the Medical University of Vienna (Medizinische Universität Wien) and former medical director at International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims. Watch our video to find out more on the recent developments and on why an interdisciplinary platform to fight against torture and ill-treatment is needed.
02.07.18, 10:44 Nora Katona
“We need information on what is being done. We need information on what the situation is.” Listen to the representatives of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights' statement on the importance of a databank and cooperation platform against torture and ill-treatment.
02.07.18, 10:44 Nora Katona
“An initiative like the Atlas of Torture is so important because sharing information, having updated information is key in the process of fighting against torture” says Pau Pérez-Sales Chair of the World Psychiatric Association Section Persecution and Torture and Editor in Chief of the Torture Journal
02.07.18, 10:44 Nora Katona
“There are problems with ill-treatment absolutely everywhere.” – listen to Mari Amos from the UN Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture on how the Atlas of Torture can contribute to advancing the fight against torture and ill-treatment. Recent developments show us, that there is a strong need for global exchange and action.
02.07.18, 10:44 Nora Katona
“As long as we are still only between specialists fighting torture we will not win this battle” – Markus Jäger from the Council of Europe, on the challenges of fighting torture and ill-treatment and how the Atlas of Torture will make a difference.
02.07.18, 10:44 Nora Katona
“There are quite a lot of ways to open research — Crowdfunding is one of them!” This is why the LBG Open Innovation in Science Center is actively supporting the Atlas of Torture. Listen to Lucia Malfent — Head of the OIS Center — talking about this great project.
26.06.18, 15:12 Nora Katona
This year we want to honour the International Day in Support of Torture Victims in a special way: with the launch of a beta-version version of our new website. www.atlas-of-torture.org The website – developed together with HURIDOCS - will host the most comprehensive database and a global cooperation platform on torture and ill-treatment. To continuously develop the database we encourage other organisations and researchers to send us their reports, training materials, guidelines etc, thereby contributing towards a comprehensive one-stop-shop for material related to torture and ill-treatment. Together with HURIDOCS we also developed some ideas on how to realise the Projects & Activities Map and the Learning & Exchange Platform we want to establish with your support. To make them a reality, we need you - every donation matters! Have a look at what we have developed so far www.atlas-of-torture.org and if you have not yet done it: join our campaign! A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported us so far – every donation is bringing us closer to our goal!