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Projekte / Food
Belyzium is an Artisan Chocolate maker setting a new standard for how chocolate is produced and consumed. Our products are handcrafted in small batches in the center of Berlin and our customers always enjoy them fresh. We practice direct trade and our “Tree-to-Bar” philosophy goes way beyond Organic, Fair Trade, Single Origin and Bean-to-Bar. We work literally hand in hand with Mayan farmers in Belize and support local community by paying premium prices for the cacao beans.
697 €
10,000 € Funding threshold
19 days
 BELYZIUM: Join the Artisan Chocolate Revolution!


Funding period 12/03/2017 09:13 o'clock - 12/04/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period April - June 2017
Funding threshold 10,000 €
Funding goal 20,000 €
City Berlin
Category Food

What is this project all about?

The project is about making more people aware of better ways of producing and consuming chocolate and raising funds for further improvement of the infrastructure in Belize which would directly benefit the farmers and also allow more people to enjoy great chocolate.
We make chocolate in the center of Berlin in small batches so that our customers can enjoy freshly produced products full of wonderful chocolate flavor most have never had a chance to experience. We use only organic cocoa and organic sugar in our chocolate – no flavorings or emulsifiers.
We work literally hand in hand with the farmers in Toledo district of Belize to implement the best practices in farming, harvesting and processing of the beans. We practice only Organic and Biodynamic farming methods deeply rooted in the ancient Maya traditions and blending harmoniously with the natural environment. We do not use any fertilizers, pesticide, herbicides or other harmful chemicals.
We practice direct trade and our “Tree-to-Bar” philosophy goes way beyond Fair Trade, Single Origin and Bean-to-Bar.
We have made a commitment to the local farmers to pay more for their cacao than any other buyer, we also constantly work with the local community to bring solar power and modern means of communication to the area where to this day there is no electricity. This means lights at night, power for the computers and a better chance for the school children to acquire skills critically important in modern times.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our freshly made organic and allergen-free chocolate is truly for everybody! It has many health benefits and simply tastes great!
The goal of this project is to raise funds for further improvement of the infrastructure in Belize which would make life of the farmers better and allow us to produce more of the high-quality cocoa beans thus providing more disposable income for the remote Mayan community.
Transparent and direct trade as well as organic farming is at the core of our business. By strictly following our commitment we contribute to the protection of the environment and the realization of better working and living standards in San Jose village area of Belize.

Why would you support this project?

Because you love great natural and organically produced food, because you love chocolate and want your money to be spent to support people working hard to make the World a better place.
There is really no reason why you should not support this project unless of course you feel comfortable with the status-quo – industrially produced chocolate of often mediocre quality which has been delivered to you at a low price on the backs of the third-world farmers living in poverty and at the cost of polluting the environment with toxic chemicals.
We stick to our commitment to wholesome honest food, environmental responsibility and social justice, by supporting this project you can contribute to all of the above.
We do the work – you get great products and the farmers in Belize benefit from this, can there be a better arrangement?

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

We do not believe in compromises or half-measures – all (yes, you read this right - ALL) of the net funds raised in this project will be invested in improving cacao processing and community infrastructure in and around San Jose village in Southern Belize, organic certification of the farmers and purchasing of the cacao they produce!
The money from the crowdfunding will allow us to help the farmers in Belize produce more high quality cacao selling at premium prices, bring more solar power, computers and books into the community.
The more money we get through this campaign, the more direct investment will be possible in the infrastructure and the community. In this way we can improve the living conditions of more farmers and at the same time offer great products to more customers.

Who are the people behind the project?

The founder of Belyzium Dr. Andrei Shibkov and Belyzium Team of more than 10 people in Belize, Germany and California.

Legal notice
Belyzium UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Andrei Shibkov
Lottumstr 15
10119 Berlin Deutschland

Geschäftsführer und inhaltlich Verantwortlicher: Andrei Shibkov USt.-Id. Nr. DE 299109783
Amtsgericht Berlin Charlottenburg HRB 165520 B

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