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CD Projekt des Vienna Saxophonic Orchestras

CD Projekt des Vienna Saxophonic Orchestras

Produktion einer CD bei einem renommierten Österreichischen Label mit ausgezeichnetem internationalen Vertrieb.

Wien Music
Lars Mlekusch
Lars Mlekusch
3,500 €
3,500 € Funding goal
Project successful
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 CD Projekt des Vienna Saxophonic Orchestras


Funding period 31.05.2012 12:33 Uhr - 15.08.2012 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 3,500 €
City Wien
Category Music
Produktion einer CD bei einem renommierten Österreichischen Label mit ausgezeichnetem internationalen Vertrieb.

What is this project all about?


The Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra was founded in 2009 consisting of 12 outstanding saxophonists under the artistic direction of Lars Mlekusch. The ensemble has worked extensively to expand the so far rather rare repertoire for this ensemble and has already premiered some new works written for the VSO. In addition to its dedication to modern music, the ensemble has also shown a great interest in working on challenging transcriptions of classic works, such as the Sorcerer's Apprentice by Paul Dukas and the Holberg Suite by Edvard H. Grieg.
To meet the growing demand for a CD of the Vienna Orchestra Saxophonic, we have decided to tackle this project. As usual, the cost of such a production is shared by all parties, including the association "Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra".

To date we have not had the benefit of public funding, so we are proposing to produce the CD through "crowd funding." This means that the friends of the VSO would pledge small individual donations, which together would cover our costs of production. Each pledge works effectively as a preorder, so every donor would receive a copy of the new CD (including signatures from all VSO members, on request). Additionally the pledges are payable only if we meet our goal, and the project takes place.
If sufficient donors are found before the deadline, the payment would be due, and we will be able to start the project. If we do not meet our goal, then the project will be cancelled or postponed, and the donors pledges will expire.
For the individual donors there is no risk, but if we meet our pledge goal, the VSO will have the opportunity to produce a fantastic new CD!

If you are attracted by this project and wish to support this unique ensemble with a donation, please fill out the attached form and give a jump start to this young orchestra!

Thank you!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Wir wenden uns an alle Musikliebhaber insbesondere jene, die neugierig sind auf neue Hörerlebnisse: Wie klingt der Zauberlehrling von Paul Dukas mit 12 Saxophonen? Wie hört sich der immense Klangfarbenreichtum dieses Instruments an?

Liebhaber des Saxophons kommen sowieso nicht darum herum, dieses Projekt zu unterstützen!

Wir brauchen rund 5000 Euro um diese CD bei einem renommierten Österreichischen Label mit ausgezeichnetem internationalen Vertrieb produzieren zu können.

For this CD Project we need 5000 Euros which cover only recording and postproduction, no musician fee.

Why would you support this project?

Es gibt auf der ganzen Welt nur eine handvoll professioneller Saxophonensembles. Das VIENNA SAXOPHONIC ORCHESTRA ist dabei sicher besonders spannend, da es auch aktiv mit Komponisten zusammenarbeitet!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Das Geld fliesst zu 100% in die Produktionskosten, wobei keine Gagen für die Musiker inkludiert sind! Bezahlt werden die Miete der Aufnahmelocation, die Tontechniker, die ganze Postproduktion, Booklet (Texte, Grafik, Übersetzungen, etc.), die Pressung und Druck, Transportkosten.

Who are the people behind the project?

Der Verein VIENNA SAXOPHONIC ORCHESTRA ist der Träger dieses Projekts.
Künstlerischer Leiter ist Lars Mlekusch



Project updates


Dear Supporters! Fortunately the VIENNA SAXOPHONIC ORCHESTRA has been granted a support by the AUSTRIAN MUSIKFONDS which will ensure the CD production this summer! Although it is nice to have some official funding, this amount does still not cover the CD production costs and we are still dependent on your support. However we have decided to lower the total amount to 3,500 Euros. Thanks for your support help also by spreading this project! the VSO


Informationen zum Ensemble

Das Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra spielt am 14. Juli abends eines der Hauptkonzerte am World Saxophone Congress in St. Andrews, Schottland.

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