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CHAPEAU CLAQUE Album & Musicvideo

CHAPEAU CLAQUE  Album & Musicvideo

After 3 albums and over 6 years CHAPEAU CLAQUE now wants to produce everything on their own! They have big plans! And you can support CHAPEAU CLAQUE there!

Weimar Music
Maria Antonia Schmidt
Maria Antonia Schmidt
16,053 €
12,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
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 CHAPEAU CLAQUE Album & Musicvideo


Funding period 30.01.2013 15:22 Uhr - 28.04.2013 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 12,000 €
City Weimar
Category Music
After 3 albums and over 6 years CHAPEAU CLAQUE now wants to produce everything on their own! They have big plans! And you can support CHAPEAU CLAQUE there!

What is this project all about?

CHAPEAU CLAQUE is a young german band that was founded 6 years ago. Their defination of their own sound of music is "electro-chanson-pop-romantic".In the same breath they avow that this sais as much as "red hanging fruit" when you try to talk about an apple.
So far CHAPEAU CLAQUE published 3 albums together with a small german musiclabel called UNA Music.
2009 they made the 6th place in the big german TV show BundesVisionSongContest with their song "Pandora kiss Miss Tragedy" and got into the TOP10 of greece with their titel " Reykjavik".
Since then CHAPEAU CLAQUE ist touring through all over germany and sometimes further on.

Now they want to produce their 4th album that is supposed to mark a new chapter in the history of the band.
This time CHAPEAU CLAQUE tries to manage and produce everything by theirself.

Additional to their music they love to work with visual concepts.
Aside to the new album they plan to produce a beautyful musicvideo to one of their new songs: "1000 pieces".

To make all this possible CHAPEAU CLAQUE needs your support!

Please help and get a lovely thankyoupresent in exchange.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The aim is to publish this autumn the new album thanks to your help.
This album differs not only by its selfcontrolled production process from the previous albums, but also excel with new musical ideas and approaches.
Especially since it will be the first album that is dedicated solely to the German language.

For the music video: Together with the favorite director of the band, Kristin Herziger (Pandora / Beautiful moment ect.) an aesthetic music video for the song "1000 parts" will be developed. More is not revealed at this point.

The target group includes all CHAPEAU CLAQUE sympathizers, those who are curious, happy to exchange,
fanciers, generous, adventurous, interested in music, family, friends, Hutmacher
Spontaneous and supporters!

Why would you support this project?

Because you like the music and / or the band.
Because it takes the brave and worthy of support.
Because you found your must-have in the CHAPEAU CLAQUE "exchange Temple".
Because you want to know what hides behind the titles "1000 parts", "A & O"
"The 1, 2 things," "die Schwelle" and "On your back seat".
Because without your support the album remains a utopia.
Because CHAPEAU CLAQUE would tremendously appreciate your support!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The studio must be paid,
Guest musicians, designers, photographers shoud get a fair fee
Props and equipment for video production must be organised,
Pressing and printing costs for the albums are up,
GEMA has to be paid,
Promotion and advertising for the album should be done
so the world also will take notice!

And if there is some money left, a false champagne is financed,
is initiated with the exhilarated at the successful Growdfunding!

Who are the people behind the project?

Maria Antonia Schmidt (26 / Weimar)
Mary is the charismatic singer and songwriter, and probably also the hub of the band. At 19, she founded CHAPEAU CLAQUE. She is currently studying at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, media art and experimental radio.

Peer Kleinschmidt ( 29 / Berlin)
Peer is the key guru of CHAPEAU CLAQUE. His passion is filmmusic,
where he also graduated from the Konrad Wolf Film School [/ i] in Babelsberg.
He gives the music their final paint.

Jörg Wähner ( 32 / Berlin)
This handsome guy behind the drums CHAPEAU CLAQUE enriched by its distinctive
play. No wonder that other bands try also to advertise from his skills, such as apparat [/ i].

Moritz Sembritzki ( 29 / Berlin )
Moritz is multi-talented. His guitar play and his good ears have already transformed many songs. With his Big Band "Moritz and the big old problem" [/ i] he once more proves his exceptional abilities.

Legal notice
Maria Antonia Schmidt
Zu den Fuchshöhlen 16
99198 Erfurt Deutschland


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