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Projekte / Movie / Video
Conduct! Jede Bewegung Zählt
Told against the backdrop of a career-defining competition "Conduct! Every Move Counts" documents the crucial days in the lives of these young conductors on the verge of becoming world class. http://www.conduct-film.de/en
25,660 €
25,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Conduct! Jede Bewegung Zählt


Funding period 13/11/2012 17:09 o'clock - 18/01/2013 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal 25,000 €
City Berlin
Category Movie / Video

What is this project all about?

Every two years 24 young conductors travel to the Frankfurt Opera House to compete against each other in the world's leading Sir Georg Solti conducting competition. The movie "Conduct! Every Move Counts" accompanies five of them through evaluation rounds up to the final, which two of them reach.
The conductors have to endure challenges in Frankfurt that put to test their musical skills and their character.
The movie consequently displays a complex drama about friendship and competition, talent and maturity, success and failure.Thanks to the precise observations of the camera and unvarnished comments by the musicians "Conduct! Every Move Counts" documents the interplay between conductor and orchestra with unique authenticity.
A film with Alondra de la Parra (Mexico / USA), James Lowe (England), Aziz Shokahkimov (Uzbekistan), Shizuo Z Kuwahara (Japan / USA) and Andreas Hotz (Germany)

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

"Conduct! Every Move Counts" will touch those who have passion and music at heart.

We hope that this community from different countries will find itself here on our next-page and join forces to bring a unique feature film to the big screen.

Why would you support this project?

- "Conduct! Every Move Counts" is a strong plea, to follow ones passion and talent.

- This film gives a uniquely exciting insight into the complex relationship between conductor and orchestra musicians.

- "Conduct! Every Move Counts" provides a movie experience that is inspiring and exciting like a thriller

- "Conduct! Every Move Counts" portrays five young musicians from five different cultures and brings them closer to us as human beings.

- "Conduct! Every Move Counts" shows what unites us as human beings.

"Conduct! Every Move Counts" was shot by a dedicated team with almost no budget. We have invested a lot of work, passion and love into this film. Now we are excited about the touching and inspiring cinematic experience that we have created with "Conduct! Every Move Counts". We would like to share this experience with you. In May 2013, "Conduct! Every Move Counts" will be released as a feature film. For this final step to the big screen, we need at least ¬ 25,000. We are in good spirits, that we will raise this amount with your help. We are many and we believe in the connection that exists between us. Be kind and recommend the project to friends, colleagues and people that you love. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and to see you soon here or live with "Conduct! Every Move Counts"!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

We need money for:

The purchase of DVD and movie music rights (Igor Stravinsky, "The Firebird" and Dmitri Shostakovich's "Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra")

The reduction of the currently 120min movie version to 90 minutes.

A sound edit that will turn "Conduct! Every Move Counts" into a musical experience.

For image editing that will transform "Conduct! Every Move Counts" to a movie screen experience.

We guarantee that to finalize "Conduct! Every move counts!" as a Cinema movie, we should reach our funding goal. If the campaign is successful, we will give you your "Rewards".

Your support goes 100% in the financing of the project - without any benefits and deductions to "startnext.de".

Your deposited funds remain on a suspense account until we reach our funding goal.

If we don't reach our funding goal, we will transfer you back your full amount of funds. In this case you will get non of the selected "rewards".

If you have further questions on "crowdfunding" or "start next", your answer can be found here:


Who are the people behind the project?

The people behind "Conduct! Every Move Counts" are a dedicated team around the filmmaker Götz Schauder who can be seen in the video above. In collaboration with the documentary production "SUMO Film Berlin" and the producer and director Hubertus Siegert, "Conduct! Every Move Counts" is scheduled to be released in cinemas and on DVD May 2013.
Without the support of the International Sir George Solti competition, the hr-Symphony Orchestra, the Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra, the Alte Oper Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Museum Society, this film would not have been possible.
Our special thanks goes out to: Karl Rarichs, Axel Schlicksupp, Alondra de la Parra, James Lowe, Aziz Shokhakimov, Shizo Z Kuwahara, Andreas Hotz and all people who have trusted us with this film and believe in our project.


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