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Projekte / Community
Since 2005 the Education Centre Delta Cultura in Tarrafal, enables 350 children and youths to participate in various educational activities such as: tutoring, art classes, football trainings or educational games. The Education Centre is a place where they can find sufficient care and are encouraged to take part in different activities. Every Euro helps us to sustainably secure the project and to offer a qualitative mentoring for the children in Tarrafal. #educationhero
18,633 €
13,900 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Be an Education HERO - Tarrafal, Cape Verde


Funding period 21/02/2017 11:20 o'clock - 21/03/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period March - December 2017
Funding threshold 7,999 €
Funding goal 13,900 €
City Tarrafal
Category Community

What is this project all about?

In the Education Centre Tarrafal, Delta Cultura implements its vision of ending poverty through education.
We convey knowledge, we arouse interest, we encourage creativity and arbitrate social skills.

The Education Centre exists since 2005 in the north of the island Santiago (district Tarrafal), one of the capeverdian islands. Meanwhile 350 children and youths are being surpervised.

In October 2016 we opened a bilingual kindergarten in the Education Center. 30 children learn portuguese in a playful way, under the supervision of Mariana - a portuguese kindergarten pedagogue.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The main goal of the Education Centre is to offer children a secure place, where they can study without pressure and enforcement.

The 350 children & youths from 4 to 18 years come from socially and economically disadvantaged families.

The education level in public schools is very low and many pupils don't have a good command of portuguese - the language of instruction. This leads to a bullish way of learning by heart and results in a loss of interest.
Creative offers in public schools, such as art or music classes do not exist or only happen in bad quality.

All activities of the Education Centre counter these challenges. Especially the kindergarten focuses on the playfully learning of portuguese.

This crowdfunding adresses all people, who believe to design a better future through education. People who think, that all children have the same right to education. People who do not want to tolerate the insufficient educational system and the chances for the kids that are being stolen by this structural lack.
For this we need your support!

Why would you support this project?

The cycle of invested education and hence resulting dedicated grown-ups, which will again invest in the education of their children and their community, can be seen in various biographies of our monitors.
An example is Kutxinha. Kutxinha was 15 years old, when she attended our activities for the first time. Her favourite activities were learning french and painting. Today she works as a monitor in the Education Centre and helps the kids with tricky math homeworks or portuguese grammar.

Meanwhile her son Rodrigo is one of 30 children in the newly built kindergarten. And who knows, maybe one day Rodrigo will be football coach or chief-cook in the Education Centre?

In order to continue with this cycle of succesful biographies, our Education Centre needs every imaginable help!

All support benefits directly the 350 children and youth in the Education Centre Tarrafal.

As a supporter you may not only feel better to have improved the educational possibilities in Tarrafal, but you also have the chance to get to know the people behind this project and find out the background and philosophie of our educational activities.

In case of a sucessfully achieving the crowdfunding goals, the services of the Education Centre will be secured for the year 2017. All involved persons will have time to further develop the daily routine of the educational activities and to apply for funding for further projects. Ideas for activities are sufficiently present.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The challenge of every social project is the fundraising of disposable financial resources. Big donors, as in our case the FIFA, sponsor with earmarked funds.
This means that certain activities or staff cost stay unfinanced and have to be funded by the equity ratio of Delta Cultura.

Delta Cultura starts this crowdfunding to fund the following open posts:

  • staff costs for 2 monitors: 7.000€
  • equipment for art classes & schoolbooks: 3.900€
  • daily meals for the kindergarten: 3.000€

With 10.000€ we can keep all our monitors employed and do not have to reduce the number of participating children.
With more than 13.900€ we can for example secure the transport for all our football teams to away games (a lot of youth games have to be canceled due to financial problems). This will have a big impact on the motivation and self-esteem of the children and youth.

Who are the people behind the project?

A big part of the build-up and upgrading of the Education Centre has the succesful cooperation of the 3 independant Delta Cultura associations in Cape Verde, Austria and Germany.

In Cape Verde Florian Wegenstein manages the Education Centre and constantly exchanges with the chairwoman in Austria, Liz Zimmermann and Michael Schmied.
In Germany Vanessa Farhang, president of Delta Cultura Germany and Dörte Felsing look after the affairs.

This crowdfunding is supported by our partners Topkino and Schikander in Vienna and streetfootballworld.

We would be very happy to find a lot of new supporters via this crowdfunding for our education program in Cape Verde. We hope you can help us to reduce poverty through education!

We are looking forward to staying in contact with you!

Legal notice
Delta Cultura Austria
Elisabeth Zimmermann
Gallitzinstraße 94a
1160 Wien Österreich

Verein Delta Cultura ZVR 111906545


The legendary "Topkino" in Vienna provides us with 50 cinema tickets for the current program. Before every movie played in the cinema, the pitch video of this campaign will be shown from 21st of february until the 21st of march.

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