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THE WHITE TREASURE and the salt workers from Caquena

THE WHITE TREASURE and the salt workers from Caquena

A film premiere in Caquena, the small salt worker´s village up in the Bolivian Andes next to Salar de Uyuni. That´s what we owe the people who bring our documentary "THE WHITE...

Caquena Movie / Video
Weisser Schatz
Weisser Schatz
2,575 €
2,500 € Funding goal
Project successful
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 THE WHITE TREASURE and the salt workers from Caquena


Funding period 13.04.2012 13:39 Uhr - 21.06.2012 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 2,500 €
City Caquena
Category Movie / Video
A film premiere in Caquena, the small salt worker´s village up in the Bolivian Andes next to Salar de Uyuni. That´s what we owe the people who bring our documentary "THE WHITE TREASURE and the salt workers from Caquena" to life. We have been living and shooting with the salt workers for two months. The salt lake contains the world´s biggest known lithium resources. Lithium - resource of the future: A promise or a threat to the villagers? Our film shows a culture at dawn of globalization.

What is this project all about?

"THE WHITE TREASURE and the salt workers from Caquena" is a documentary film and diploma project from Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg.
We have been celebrating the premiere of our film in the International Programme of film festival DOK Leipzig in October 2011. The festival journey is now continuing; we´re glad about "THE WHITE TREASURE" receiving film festival attention and are happy to have this opportunity to reach wide-spread audiences.
(more information about festivals: www.facebook.com/TheWhiteTreasure)

It is our concern now to show the film to the protagonists: We are planning to initiate a premiere in the small Aymara village of Caquena at the salt lake: Setting up a screen in a place where "Cinema" is unknown, where people have had electricity and television for almost two years now, yet the "cinematic experience" is unimaginable, incredible and abstract.
It is important to us to do justice to our protagonists. We were allowed to join and film their work, routines, peculiarity and the magic about their lifes. That´s how we got the opportunity to show the villager´s microcosm and put it into a global context. We now feel responsible to share this film with them on big screen.
The salt workers and villagers are the protagonists. They´re the ones experiencing -silent yet, but global- interest in their lithium treasure.
To us it is about sharing with Daniel, his school mates, family, relatives, village neighbours and his community THEIR film, their story.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We´re aiming at YOU, if you share our passion for compelling documentary films.
YOU if you believe, there is a need for a global awareness for sustainability.
And - if you want to support us taking the villagers from Caquena seriously and giving them a voice.
Our film is calm. But we believe, and have discovered in numerous conversations, "THE WHITE TREASURE" encourages individuals to independent thinking.
We, the team behind "THE WHITE TREASURE", see a first step of our responsibility in bringing this film "home". And stay with it when future happens.

Why would you support this project?

It is worth to support our project, because it is important we as filmmakers don´t only capture pictures, stories and fragments of lifes. We have the opportunity to create attention to topics which need awareness.
To close the circle and not only act from the outside this film should be shown at the salt lake.
That´s how we can get those people involved who the topic is emerging from. And the villagers and salt workers from Caquena can experience they are given a voice.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

After successful financing we´ll enable a film screening in Caquena in the north of Salar de Uyuni between July and August this year together with Milton Llerida .
Milton Llerida is leader of an Aymara initiative for educating local population for long-term
independent lithium mining at Salar de Uyuni.
For the film´s premiere we´re planning to go to Caquena with a screen, beamer and sound system in order to project "THE WHITE TREASURE and the salt workers from Caquena" via BluRay and 5.1-surround sound.
The projection would take place in the school court of the village, where Katharina (director and cinematographer) and Robert (1st assistant camera and sound engineer) have been teaching English to the kids from the village during the research and shooting period and built up a close relationship to the school´s cook and her husband, the school´s caretaker.
Following a premiere in the salt worker´s village Caquena, we plan to travel to further places around the Salar, in order to show the film to as many local people as possible. Many of these places have been important spots during out shooting already.

Find out more about our film route around the Salar here:

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Eva Katharina Bühler (director and cinematographer), Robert Nickolaus (1st assistant camera and sound engineer), Matthias Scharfi (editor) and Julia Wagner (producer):
students and former students of Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg as well as established contributors.

Here´s some further information in detail:

EVA KATHARINA BÜHLER (director and cinematographer)

Katharina takes up her studies at Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2005, focusing on directing and cinematography in parallel education.
As a director she realizes several documentary projects and is responsible for cinematography in numerous short and middle-lengths films. She worked on productions for 3-sat, SWR, Arte and RBB.
For "THE WHITE TREASURE" in 2011 Katharina is awarded the Kodak Camera Prize, in 2012 the "Prize for best Cinematography" in the competition of female cinematographers in the International Women´s Filmfestival Dortmund | Cologne.
Further information: www.katharinabuehler.de.


Julia has been studying Producing/International Producing for feature and documentary films at Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg since 2008. At FAMU Film and TV school of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague she is on exchange semester in 2012, focusing on script development and dramaturgy.
Before taking up film school studies Julia was educated and working as a media designer for audiovisual media, with an emphasis on editing, project management and post production, after which she worked as production manager and production assistant on a freelance basis. Julia holds a scholarship by VFF Collecting Society for Film and Television producers and by the film production programme of Baden-Wuerttemberg foundation .


Born in1982 in Hausach, black forest, Matthias got into filmmaking during a one-year internship at the commercials production company Tempomedia in Hamburg. He there got to know set work and increased his knowledge about post-production, working on several films. Matthias took up his studies at Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2006, focussing on editing and finished his studies with a diploma degree in April 2011. He lives and works in Stuttgart.
Awarded with SHORT TIGER 2007 for "Geschwisterliebe",
further insights: www.matthiasscharfi.com

Be invited to check out our blog with further insights about THE WHITE TREASURE shooting experiences, a video and pictures with some beautiful making of- impressions: www.reisezumsalar.blogspot.de

Latest information as well as festival dates can be found on:


internationales Frauenfilmfest

Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival, in dem DER WEISSE SCHATZ Festival-Premiere gefeiert hat...
Schön war´s!

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