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Dharma : Doo & BIA - das Shirt für Weltveränderer
Wir möchten die Non Profit Organisation BIA aus Kathmandu mit der nachhaltigen und transparenten Produktion von T Shirts unterstützen. Unser Projekt basiert auf Fairness und Bewusstsein. Wir möchten zeigen, wie wir später innerhalb der Platform Dharma: Doo arbeiten und wie wichtig es für uns ist, Menschen für unsere Werte zu begeistern und zum Umdenken zu bewegen.
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21.02.17, 10:38 Paul Harazim
Dear BIA supporters, shortly before the end of a great time, a great project with many ups and downs, we have overthought our goal very critically and made a decision. We are not here to play poker with the result - we do not want to see what happens - we want to help! Therefore, we have set the milestone at €4500 with the GO by Startnext. Now we can implement the project - Now we are ready to manufacture the shirts and all other Regards for you and make you to a part of this project. Thank you - thank you, that you believed in us, thank you for a great time. Thank you from my heart! Your Karma Heros
21.02.17, 10:31 Paul Harazim
Liebe Supporter, liebe Community, liebe BIA Unterstützer, kurz vor dem Ende einer tollen Zeit, eines tollen Projektes mit vielen Höhen und Tiefen haben wir uns sehr kritisch unser Ziel angeschaut und einen Beschluss gefasst. Wir sind nicht hier um zu pokern - wir wollen auch nicht schauen was passiert - WIR WOLLEN HELFEN!!! deshalb haben wir mit dem GO von Startnext den Meilenstein bei 4500 € gesetzt. Somit können wir das Projekt realisieren - wir möchten für euch die Shirts und alle weiteren Dankeschöns fertigen und euch zu einem Teil dieses Projektes machen. Jeder soll was davon haben. Wir danken euch - danke, dass Ihr an uns geglaubt habt, danke für eine tolle Zeit. Danke von Herzen !
13.02.17, 09:01 Paul Harazim
Hey Supporters and Friends, People ! It's Monday and we present you for the last time a design! Today we have a really special guest and we are proud to present to you our Rinpoche. Like you know Chogyal Rinpoche visited our project and he also was with us at all places we are working for our support project - Dharma Doo & BIA - a better tomorrow Shirt. Then Chogyal Rinpoche decided at the die werbezone in Dorsten to create a design to help us. Some Facts about our Rinpoche - the Founder of BIA Foundation. Chogyal Rinpoche was born in Nepal on March 4th, 1985. At the age of one, he visited HH Sakya Trizin with his father. His father was told that Rinpoche was a very special child who was going to do great things in the world. As a boy Rinpoche’s main passion for life was to be of service to all sentient beings in the world. When he was five years old, he entered into monastic life at Rumtek Monastery found by His Holiness 16th Karmapa. At Rumtek and Zurmang Monasteries, Rinpoche spent 10 years studying meditation and Vajrayana ritual practice. In 2000, Rinpoche continued his study of Buddhist philosophy at Dzongsar Buddhist Institute and Kalimpong Shri Divakar Buddhist Institute. In February 2010, Rinpoche graduated with a Khenpo degree in Buddhist Philosophy. Rinpoche has been founding non-profit organizations since 2002 when he and his father first started The Sertshang Orphanage Home, the home of 52 children, in Kathmandu, Nepal. In 2007 he founded the Music Academy for 33 underprivileged children in Kalimpong, India. In 2011 he founded the Tibetan Medical Institute in the earthquake zone of Yushu, China for 24 children. In 2013 he helped to start a home for 27 HIV orphans in Nepal. From May 2014, Rinpoche has been taking care of a retreat monastery in far-east Tibet where there are 7 yogis doing 3 years 3 months meditation retreat. In the same year, he founded BIA Foundation which currently has two handicraft institutes for the disabled people in Nepal. He is actively involved in spiritual as well as social activities with the hope of contributing in creating a better world. Rinpoche’s principal motto: “Help Others – Life is Beautiful ” When you like that design - support us !!!
06.02.17, 08:04 Paul Harazim
Hey Heros, it's Monday. Today we introduce to you for the last time our Designers for the BIA T-Shirt project. Let me tell you something, we have been around the world with you and we met a lot of wonderful and amazing Karma Heros. We always tried to put the best in our ideas and worked hard to realize designs to bring BIA in all of your hearts. I think we did super good and natrual. The following two karma Heros that I introduce to you are some real Bodhisattvas in action. I knew it from the beginning. Teresa and Micha are so much open minded, the put compassion in the designs and mixed it up with an amazing spiritual creativity. Thank you - you are amazing !!! But now let me tell about Teresa Iglesias and the Label Motte Klamotte. Here we go: We (Teresa and Micha) put great stress on keeping the process from creating designs to implementation and to serial production in our own hands and under our control, whether it’s sewing, screenprinting and layout. In 2015 we founded our label Motte Klamotte. It stands for sustainably and ethically produced clothing. We love slow fashion. When it comes to fashion, we are all somehow irrational, even crazy. We all long for the latest fashion clothes. Although actually knowing how these clothes are made, e. g. under life-threatening conditions for many people, we still find ourselves buying at these shops. We love homemade, fair products, with a special focus on transparency.We believe in fabrics with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We print with water-based vegan colours that all meet the GOTS. All our products like caps, hats and T-Shirts are sewn by hand. Embroideries are done by regional suppliers. We work closely with our suppliers and deal directly with manufacturers, thus no extra and unnecessary transport to middlemen are needed. In addition we exclusively ship with DHL Go Green to at least compensate our carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the size of our environmental footprint. Motte loves you ❤
31.01.17, 21:45 Paul Harazim
BIA Ladies and Gentleman, i proudly present to you: Montse Castellano. Let me tell you something about this wonderful lady. She made a wonderful design for her sangha - but actually this design and the message work everywhere - happiness is a decision!!! To help others is a decision. Montse Castellano decided to help us. And to work with her was a pleasure for me. Next follow some Information about this wonderful lady. Montse Castellano is fine art and illustration artist , originally from Spain but currently based in Dublin, Ireland. She works for different clients and private collectors and also sells her art on her online store. She has started a new blog where she shares her artistic journey for every exciting project she gets involved into. She is a Diamondway Buddhism practitioner and her goals point at expressing her artistic skills in order to bring the best of herself to others. Her style is graphic, colourful and full of little patterns and repetitions. She loves to experiment and always allow new sources of inspiration define her next artwork. With your participation, you will receive a self produced unique, casual but feminine cut, classic T - shirt with rolled up sleeves. We use organic certified cotton from Kathmandu.
23.01.17, 10:06 Paul Harazim
Hey careful Peeps, Like you know every Monday we introduce to you the Designers for our BIA T-Shirt project. On the day on which we have started to present the designer, I have started to like Mondays. It is always very exciting, how the new designs look like, but it is also exciting how you all just react to it. So let us begin: Today we introduce to you a special Karma Hero Lady. Its Christina V Lu. I don't meet her first in my life - I met her Fox. Her Fox is her magnificent design and also the company represented. I read about her company and was completely convinced of what Róka - fur clothing stands for. Its compassion! Not only for animals but also for humanity and mother earth. Convince yourselves. But first some information about Christina. Christina Lukács studied Communications Design and lives in Duisburg. 2015 she started her own fashion label “Róka - fair clothing” that she runs besides her part time job as a designer in an advertisement agency. In Róka she can combine all the things she´s interested in and cares about, which include Veganism, sustainability, design, illustration, animal rights and typography. She also just got into surfing and yoga. The designs she uses are her own and she prints them herself as screenprint on fair and organically produced textiles, most of which are produced in bangladesh, but under strict and controlled circumstances. Her designs are inspired by veganisms and her everyday life. That´s also how the two designs for this campaign were created. As a fan of Karma-Hero it was an easy decision to implement this concept by typography and iconography. The second design is self explanatory and has a message everybody should keep in their mind.Ráka is a Hungarian word and means fox :)
16.01.17, 07:06 Paul Harazim
Hey Action Karma Heros, let me introduce to you this kreativ super hero Phablo Xcshöll. I met Phablo and told him about this project and he was from beginning totaly satisfied. He wanted to help from the beginning of our conversation. Phablo is a Bodhisattva is Action. In his designs he wanted to combine this three facts he is in love with: its fashion/ design - Meditation and his open mind. that means a helpful person acts very attractive and sexy. Lets start to be attractive. help others - life is beautiful !!! And here you can read some facts about this gantleman: Phablo Xcsholl is a Guatemalan fashion designer who enjoys complementing art and fashion. His interest in fashion design began in his early youth, when he was looking to channel his ideas through fashion. He began studying fashion design in Guatemala. Later, he entered the industrial area, where he developed products for recognized brands, such as LEVI’S, GUESS, ABERCROMBIE and EDDIE BAUER. With all this experience, earned by developing products at the industrial level, he decided to work for a Brazilian company, using CAD-CAM technology. Phablo Xcsholl’s designs are visionary, artful and contemporary. Besides being a high fashion label, his sleek lines and exquisite comfort offers the avant-garde element to emulate feelings through art. If you like this designs: support us ! Buy a sustainable T Shirt with a vegan !!! More about Phablo Xcshöll - visit him:
09.01.17, 06:10 Paul Harazim
Let me introduce to you this wonderful super hero woman Sarah Diemerling. She is from Stuttgard Germany and we think she put some amazing skills in the designs for our BIA T- Shirt project. Check this out why: “Inspiration and design is like Karma…you cant’t hide, you can’t close your eyes, it’s everywhere and it brings you everywhere” Sarah has an infinite interest in things both of spiritual and art loving nature. She has worked in many different jobs and studied Photography and Design. She is also one of the founders of Queers and Guitar, which is a DJ-Team that has been hosting Parties with a LGTB context since 2006. Currently she is working as an art director for a fashion and lifestyle department store in Stuttgart. Underlying her passion for fashion, design and art, her life is deeply influenced by Buddhism. Since 2014 she has been a Buddhist practitioner and a student of Lama Sherab Palmo, who is a teacher of the Karma Kagyü tradition. Sarah very happy to share and connect her ideas and creativity with the Buddhism in this project. The Message of the design „Me-We” is quite simple: Turn ME around und you’ll see: in every Me is also a WE. Sarah thinks, it’s a huge misunderstanding , to think that we’re isolated beings. We’re all connected somehow. Look at the coffee you drink every morning- you’re connected to: the people who sold it to you in the supermarket, the people who delivered it to the supermarket, the people who build the streets for the trucks that deliver the coffee to the supermarket, the people who build the trucks for the delivery company that bring the coffee to…I could go on. But you see: even a simple cup of coffee connects us with so many people. Being aware of this fact, brings us to a state of thankfulness and appreciation. These are things that open our hearts widely and this is a blissful state, says Sarah. The Design of “ME-WE” refers the Skateboard Label Design of the early 90ies like “Vison Streetwear”. The Design of the Shirt “Care” is an ironic homage of the Shirt “Dare” which had spread over the United States from 1983 by the program “International Drugs Abuse Resistance Education” and turned into an iconic Shirt during the 80ies and 90ies when Rap-Musicians and Teenagers started to wear it with an ironic intention. Since 80ies band shirts had their renaissance by blogger and it-girls in 2016, Sarah is using the idea of this style and this sense of humor to send a message. visit Sarah on:
02.01.17, 13:07 Paul Harazim
A Bodhisattva should be like water because he can adapt to each situation and cares about finding a good solution. Friends, this is Seiha. Seiha has a background of project management of the school of Economics in his home country, Cambodia. He has worked for development projects both in Cambodia and Southeast Asia for disadvantaged children and women. There where his passion for textile and fashion design emerged. Currently, he is based in Berlin as a self-employed designer for Menswear and accessories, mainly handmade in Berlin in his own studio. visit Seiha Heng: He is a Buddhist from birth.Being part of the BIA team for fundraising is an honor for him, but also to keep his charity work to support the women and children from disadvantage communities, which was the most profound experience he has collected along the way.
27.12.16, 16:37 Paul Harazim
Hello friends, after the beautiful holidays, we would like to introduce the last designer and her magnificent designs for this year to you. Karma Hero Super Cat Woman Kamilla. Kamila Loskot is a wonderful Illustrator from Poland. Recently she has graduated WSTI in Katowice with specialization of Artistic Graphics. A cat lover and fan of good children's fairy tales. Enthusiast of different fine art forms, including making stamps from potatoes. Habitually buys paper, colored pencils and plasticine. When she has a lot on her mind, she colors in her coloring book. to see or buy some amazing cups please visit her on:
19.12.16, 12:53 Paul Harazim
CROWDFUNDING NEWS #4 SUPPORT PROJECT FOR BIA Foundation Friends, we love to introduce to you our fourth amazing designer. A special Lady I met first in Mainz, Germany and from that time I was sure she is a super Karma Hero Woman: Ania Miskiewicz from Poland Ania Miśkiewicz (or Miś) – works as a freelancer illustrator based in Poland. She specializes in children's illustration. Ania is a big fan of freedom, travelling, and fresh air. Visit her at: Ania’s task, was to turn a very special teaching, that Chogyal Rinpoche has given us in Duisburg Germany into a design. Check out her design....
12.12.16, 10:57 Paul Harazim
Friends, the next introduction of our third designer a great Lady and a super Karma Hero Woman: Bicicleta Morada from Venezuela, I met Bici because she created a woderful Yeti Shirt - >I was completly in Love with. Then she told me about Momo - her cat design - you must meet Momo if you love cats. Alejandra was born in Barquisimeto City, Venezuela. She studied Graphic Design at the Design Institute of Caracas and since 2000 has worked in advertising, design and editorial trade marketing. Ale or La Bici -as her friends call her, believes that once achieved a good design concept inevitably flows; no matter the size of the client because it must to be understand as a major customer; well explained the truth is always well understood and nowaday working online is always a good idea. Bici is Buddhist since 2002; loves to travel; yoga and bike. Bici works as a volunteer designer for Red Panda Trust Nepal since 2 years ago, and support environmental groups in nepal, always from her skill as graphic designer. Visit Bici at:
22.11.16, 14:37 Paul Harazim
Dharma : Doo proudly presents, unseren ersten Designer: Marcelo Palma from Chile Marcelo is from Santiago, Chile. Works in advertising as an Art Director and a student of Diamond Way Buddhism. He also designs t-shirts for fun. Marcelo war der erste Designer, den wir von unserem Projekt überzeugen konnten. Wenn ihr mehr über Marcelo und seine Arbeit als Art Director erfahren wollt, besucht ihn auf seiner Internetseite:
22.11.16, 09:55 Paul Harazim
Friends and Supporters, this was our post on 17th October on Facebook. We are really happy and want to inform you that Sarah Diemerling from Stuttgart joined our Design team at this weekend. Dear Sarah, welcome !!! Facebook 17th October Dear Dharma : Doo - Friends and BIA Foundation Supporters, You are a graphic designer, illustrator or simply creative? You are dedicated to creating something unique? You want to make a difference in the world? Then join our fair BIA - T- Shirt - Project. We still need T-Shirt - designs - we still need your help. Create something special, something that reflects your individual style. Your task? • Requested is a design of a picture or a word • Already existing BIA pictures and word creations can be used • The name of the Foundation should be below the designs The design can also contain words like: • Local Karma Heros • BIA • Bodhisattvas in Action Amazing T-Shirts - amazing project: Your designs are really important for us. Since everybody is different and we all like different styles and colors - this is why we want to do a lot of different designs - because we want to sell a lot of amazing shirts. So join our team, be a Karma Hero. Be a part of this wonderful project. Paul - Dharma:Doo Video: Anikay Wagner Fotografie, thank you Anikay Wagner for the support.

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