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Projekte / Journalism
We - a group of refugees and locals - came up with a different approach on how to build a bridge between Arabic newcomers and the German society. Because we believe that by providing the same information to the Arabic speaking newcomers in Berlin that every Berliner already has access to, people can take integration into their own hands and build a partnership with locals on eye-level. That’s why we created Eed be Eed, the guide to everyday life and culture in Berlin in Arabic.
2,620 €
6,000 € Funding threshold
22 days
 Eed be Eed - Hand in Hand


Funding period 07/03/2017 23:18 o'clock - 15/04/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period Spring 2017 and then: ongoing!
Funding threshold 6,000 €
Funding goal 15,000 €
City Berlin
Category Journalism

What is this project all about?

When refugees arrive in Berlin, they are placed in shelters, where the atmosphere is hopeless and the first steps of integration are almost impossible to take.
However, Berlin offers a multitude of activities, programs and organizations, and a lot of people actually want to help. And once a refugee has - most often by chance or pure luck - started his integration process, he or she can pick from a huge choice of things to do.
The problem: most refugees don’t even know these possibilities exist, and they remain stuck in a bubble of despair and hopelessness.

That’s why we brought to life Eed be Eed, a guide to everyday life and culture in Berlin in Arabic - to build a bridge between Arabic newcomers and the German society. Because we believe that integration should not be a matter of luck - but a choice.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The online version of Eed be Eed is already live - take a look! We translated a few articles into German so far, which we plan to keep on doing. You can also watch our informative and charming videos on our Youtube channel or check out our Facebook page.

But: in order to reach as many people as possible, what we really need now is the printed version, the centerpiece of Eed be Eed! Our biggest goal is to distribute a free printed magazine on a regular basis. To be exact: 10.000 copies each month for the tens of thousands of people in the 128 shelters all over Berlin. And this is where you come into the picture!

You - that’s anyone, really! Young, old, German, foreign. Blonde or dark haired, tall or short. You can even have tiny hands!

Why would you support this project?

How will we look back on this time in ten years? Are we going to talk about how there were many mistakes being made in the integration of refugees? Are we really going to deny a real access to our society until they disappointedly turn away from us?

Are we going to say that our non-action caused problems that could have been avoided? Or are we going to say that we were clever enough to meet each other on an eye-level? That we reached out all together to work on a partnership that made us much stronger and more multifaceted than ever before?

Eed be Eed is only a part of this - but one that can make a real difference.
And besides: you can grab the coolest PJ’s ever!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

We will use your money to get the first printed version of Eed be Eed out into the streets and to the shelters! If we get more money than what we need for the printing of the first issue of Eed be Eed, we pledge to use it to support the project further.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are a team of refugees and locals - all together there are about 34 of us in total so far - and we are growing. We are professional journalists who worked in Syria and Iraq, photo- and videographers and other media enthusiasts!

Legal notice
Eed be Eed e.V. i.Gr.
Ahmad Denno
Käthe-Niederkirchner-Str. 18
10407 Berlin Deutschland

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