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„Reviving Home“ is a digital platform people can use to rebuild their destroyed homes after a war or natural disaster . We connect home owners with reconstruction experts and workers on site. Supported by donors and investors from around the world, people can start to rebuild their neighborhoods by themselves.
1,728 €
15,000 € Funding goal
Project finished


Funding period 02/12/2017 00:57 o'clock - 31/01/2018 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period July 2018
Funding goal 15,000 €
With 15.000 EUR you help us prepare and kickstart the pilot in Syria.
2nd Funding goal 25,000 €
With 25.000 EUR we can strengthen our international team and can bring more certified reconstruction experts and donors on the platform.
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What is this project all about?

Over 65 million people around the world are currently on the run escaping from war, violence or natural disasters. Many of them yearn about going back to their homeland someday. But what perspectives do they have when cities are starved out and key infrastructure has been destroyed? Those who go back want to be
sure that their families will have a roof over their heads and that there is also an economic prospect. An illusion?

We don’t think so. We have asked ourselves how we can support people who want to go back home. How can cities be revived?

After crises and conflicts people often lack the financial resources to rebuild their houses or stores. Additionally, access to qualified workers is limited. In consequence, both transparency and high
quality of reconstruction measures are scarce. This is significantly more challenging for potential returnees who can only manage the rebuilding process from a distance. Furthermore, violent conflicts often destroy trust and solidarity. So in addition to rebuilding physical infrastructure, the question emerges: How can neighbors find to each other again? This is where we come in!

„Reviving Home“ is a digital platform helping people to reconstruct and revive their crisis ridden cities. We support rebuilding houses and important public spots by connecting home owners, domestic construction experts and local workers. Supported by medium and small-scale donors from around the globe and with only limited bureaucracy interfering in the process, people can quickly start rebuilding. By deploying community mobilizers we are creating opportunities and spaces for neighbors to meet and build relationships - envisioning a joint future of their city.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our platform enables unbureaucratic and fast reconstruction support that provides potential returnees and people on site with the prospect to revive their hometown.

For that purpose, the platform connects various groups of people:

Home owners can find experienced experts implementing specific construction activities on site. In addition, home
owners gain access to capital via the crowdfunding component of our platform.

Construction experts work as „trustees“ of the platform. They can offer their services and thus gain an income.

Workers are executing construction plans and benefit of cash-for-work arrangements.

Donors worldwide – private people as well as businesses – can choose to support specific rebuilding or reviving projects - helping families and friends or simply supporting convincing campaigns.

Our vision is to win over civil society, the private sector and diaspora communities as strategic partners in order to turn the idea behind „Reviving Home“ into reality.

Why would you support this project?

„Reviving Home“ is revolutionizing the way how cities and nations can be rebuild after they have been struck by crises. You can be part of this pioneering project and enable people on a global scale to revive their home and neighborhood by themselves. What makes us unique:

  • Rebuilding from the bottom up: By using our platform people can rebuild houses, streets and stores. Instead of relying on big donations of global organizations we empower the civil society‘s efforts to revive.
  • We combine reconstruction with crowdfunding. Every donor can decide who s/he is donating for and which project s/he
  • wants to support. This way we mobillize private capital to rebuild cities.
  • We create economic prospects: We offer home owners access to qualified construction experts and workers. The latter will receive a fair income. In addition, small stores which have been rebuilt by using our platform are also helping to grow the domestic economy.
  • We seek to rebuild the social fabric of society: In addition to the financial and physical dimensions, we are also focussing on the social component of rebuilding a city or a country. Community mobilizer create the space and opportunity for neighbors to
  • meet and strengthen social cohesion.
  • Transpareny is our top priority Donors will experience absolute cost and financial transparency. Especially in
  • the corruption ridden construction industry this is a first.
  • We encourage diaspora communities to be involved in a constructive way: Many people had to leave their homes after a crisis and are - for years - scattered throughout the world. We want to offer them the possibility to rebuild their hometown from a distance by supporting family, friends and neighbors.
  • We are establishing a sustainable, impact-oriented business model: We want to establish a sustainable social business that
  • is creating real impact on the ground while at the same time being impartial vis-a-vis social, politial or religious views.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Your support will help us to launch our first pilot in Syria. We aim at launching the first version of the platform as well as reviving first houses and neighborhoods. Your donation helps us to pay for the staff in Germany and our first construction experts in Syria for 3 months and to train them professionally. Additionally, we can stay in our office in Berlin.

Who are the people behind the project?

„Reviving Home“ was founded by Hadi Soufan, architect and entrepreneur from Syria. Already during the war, when the situation started to stabilize in his hometown of Homs, he launched several initiatives to revive the city.

Unfortunately, Hadi had to leave Homs in 2015. In Germany he continued to work on his idea to help people rebuild their homes - not only in Syria. By now, it is not just an idea anymore. An international team consisting of architects, designers, consultants and volunteers has formed to advance Reviving Home's mission.

Legal notice
Reviving Home
Abdulhadi Soufan
Pettenkoferstr. 16-18
10247 Berlin Deutschland


The incubator that has been co-created with and for newcomer entrepreneurs has helped us to professionalize. Reviving Home was part of the first pilot between March and July 2017.

The entrepreneurial leadership programme U-SCHOOL is designed in strong alliance with experienced Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs to empower talented managers driving innovation forward. Reviving Home has just graduated the programme.

"Start-Up Your Future: Gründerpatenschaften" is a new project of "Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland" that was initiatied in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economy. reviving Home is currently part of the first year.

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