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In April, I will go to Greece for two months to support activists at the border and make a documentary about it. Last year, with a group of friends we got active when there was a big emergency refugee shelter in Nijmegen. Now, this camp is gone, but actually there are still a lot of people on the move who cannot get to a safe destination. This is why I want engage. Then, I want to bring the experiences and encounters back home with me in the form of this movie to inform and inspire.
1,885 €
2,000 € Funding goal
10 days
21/03/2017, 15:27 Laura Heinig
Dear supporters, preparations move forward and here is some news I would like to share with you. I feel like I am already leaving quite soon, as I will be in Germany before then going to Greece. Over the past two days, Dutch newspapers have drawn conclusions from the EU-Turkey deal. Not surprisingly, for migrants these conclusions are not positive. The promised direct transit for selected migrants, categorized by where they come from, is happening very slowly, too slowly. Furthermore, this (not functioning) selection process denies migrants overall a fair access to asylum procedures. Greece is Europe's “ waiting room ”. Everything on hold. A vacuum of time, where human rights move to the background. That is what it feels like from the distance now. I am curious about what we will hear from the people on Lesvos. I wonder what it will be like to be that close to such a blind spot when it comes to human rights. Challenging, enraging, eye-opening- those are adjectives I can write down beforehand. Yet nothing compares to the actual experience. An experience to engage with and to document, which is why we have this project going, powered by your support and interest! One comment about this project on Facebook was “Be the change you want to see” . Which I think is sweet, flattering and more than anything important! With our group justPeople this is a motivational thought that has pushed our actions. Up to the point of now, it has lead to going to Greece for some of us! Tomorrow, 22nd of March, I will talk more about that at an info-and film evening in the Klinker Nijmegen. I invite you warmly to this talk! The project presentation will be short and imbedded in (short) movies about Lesvos and the journey of a family from Syria looking for refuge in the EU. In case we cross the 2000 € funding goal (!), any extra money is a valuable support for the cost of accommodation. Probably this will be around 600 € for two months (one person) and 1200€ for two. Surely, we also fund parts of this journey ourselves. However, I see every support also as a great recognition. The newspaper clipping is taken from the Rheingau Echo, the region in Hessen, Germany, where I grew up.
16/03/2017, 13:52 Laura Heinig
The funding goals is reached! How amazing is that! I believe a lot in this project. But I honestly wouldn't have thought that so much generous support would back me up so quickly. 1500 Euros is a lot of money and a great support towards a decent camera to capture realites, people and emotions down there in Greece. And now we're heading towards 2000 Euros; the extra 500 Euros bringing us to Lesvos. We will probably be three people driving there. 2800 km on the road! Quite a distance, but as we heard from locals and initiatives, it's very useful to have a car on the island. In the next few days, I will update you here on how the planning is going. I have had a lot of interesting conversations. Ideas and contacts come up that I would never been able to create on my own. Crowd power! For now one example of how a friend shared the news about the project. Thank you supporters! Your very grateful Laura (Deutsch hierunter) Elections everywhere. No idea who to vote for? Strategic, ideological, protest? Difficult, since you have no clue what comes out of it anyways. So instead of taking too much time ruminating about the right choice, why not skip this whole theatre and support direct action. There are many ways to do so, but for now I strongly recommend you to support Laura in making a documentary about the current situation. Laura is a great photographer, an aspiring documentary-filmmaker and a great great friend. So giver her your euros. Contrary to your vote, these will definitely not be wasted! Überall Wahlen und keine Ahnung wen man wählen soll? Strategisch, aus Überzeugung oder Protest? Schwierig, schwierig..man weiß ja eh nicht was am Ende rauskommt. Also anstatt zu viel über das Wahlspektakel zu grübeln, wie wärs einfach mal direkte Aktionen zu unterstützen. Das kann man auf viele Arten. Heute will ich aber mal ne persönliche Empfehlung aussprechen: Unterstützt Laura bei ihrer Dokumentation über die Situation in Lesbos! Laura ist ne super Fotografin, angehende Dokumentarfilmerin und ne sehr sehr gute Freundin! Als her mit euren Euros! Die sind im Gegensatz zu eurer Stimme an der Wahlurne sicher nicht verschwendet! Pictures taken by me, the first one in Chile two yeary ago at the train tracks in Rancagua. The second one two weeks ago, when I kept on refreshing this crowdfunding page.

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