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Stories about giving and paying it forward

Potsdam Community
Jennifer Meyer
Mona Sperrer
Paavo Günther
flussgeschichten e.V.
235 €
9,000 € Funding threshold
59 days


Funding period 20.10.2016 17:53 Uhr - 24.12.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period Mid 2017
Funding threshold 9,000 €
Funding goal 28,000 €
City Potsdam
Category Community
We connect through giving. When your neighbor gives you a basket of apples and you then repair your colleague's bike, who, inspired by this, gives me a haircut – then we are part of the same story . With fluXtory we want to experience exactly this kind of story and continue it gift by gift, person by person.

What is this project all about?

A fluXtory is a story about giving and paying it forward. We want to share this story the way it unfolds – by paying it forward! For that you combine two things: a wooden chip - the fluX - that you can touch & pass on, and a blog where you can publish & share.

With the fluX you gain access to a specific blog belonging to this fluX. And the fluX itself you get from someone with X, for instance from your neighbor together with a basket of apples. On the blog of your fluXtory you can discover how this story that you are now part of began. And with whom you are already connected. The next chapter is yours to create: Take a photo and write a few lines to share this moment. To continue the fluXtory, pass on the fluX - for instance with a bike repair for your colleague!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With fluXtory we want to show that people are generous and that this generosity helps us connect through many little beautiful moment that often go by unnoticed.

We want to show that, when you are there for someone, you start a story that will continue for a long time after.

We want to create an opportunity with which you can share insights into the sharing-movement in a light and personal way with someone – by inviting her to be part of a fluXtory.

We are curious what kind of stories will emerge and we want to see what kind of things we can achieve simply through giving.

Why would you support this project?

Because you also believe that the stories we share today are shaping our reality of tomorrow.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With the funding threshhold we can achieve the minimum to make fluXtories possible:

  • We lasercut individual fluX-chips.
  • We build a website for the individual blogs.
  • We provide basic user accounts.

The closer we get to the funding goal the more we can incorporate social network features and open the project up to the community.

  • You will have a personal collection where you can have another look at your fluXtories whenever you like.
  • You can share single chapters of a fluXtory in other social networks.
  • You can contact other people in your fluXtory.
  • You can make your own fluX-chips.
  • We get to have a lasercutter.
  • We make the project open source.
  • You can see on a map how your fluXtory goes around the world.

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind fluXtory is the flussgeschichten e.V., a non-profit association. We, that is Mona Sperrer, Paavo Günther and Jennifer Meyer.

Mona is a human ecologist and project coordinator at BieNE, Jennifer is a psychologist and training in web development, Paavo is a freelance musician and sustainability teacher.

We share a passionate interest for the different perspectives on sharing, contributing, giving and paying it forward, and their respective possibilities and limitations. We want to bring this topic on the agenda and wonder what a the world of

Legal notice
flussgeschichten e.V. i.G.
Lindenstraße 47
14467 Potsdam Deutschland

V.i.s.d.P. Paavo Günther, Jennifer Meyer

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