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Fuchsbau Festival

Fuchsbau Festival

The Fuchsbau Festival aims to provide a platform to Hanover’s young creative scene: Urban art, integrated into a striking location, complemented by cultural and clubbing events...

Hannover Music
Christoffer Horlitz
Christoffer Horlitz
3,023 €
3,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
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Funding period 19.06.2012 10:42 Uhr - 30.07.2012 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 3,000 €
City Hannover
Category Music
The Fuchsbau Festival aims to provide a platform to Hanover’s young creative scene: Urban art, integrated into a striking location, complemented by cultural and clubbing events. Three days. Please help us turn this vision into reality by becoming a supporter of Fuchsbau.

What is this project all about?

Art, Culture & Club.

This summer, we want to give young urban artists the opportunity to expose their art in an extraordinary location they themselves help creating and developing. We will transform an old public pool into a platform for urban culture, providing space for thousands of ideas which could not be turned into reality in places where profit or a serious image set the goals.

Different culture and club events will outline the three days of Fuchsbau Festival. This includes poetry slams, impro shows and parties that are more creative than the usual Hanover nightlife: Why so serious?

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to direct the attention towards a different culture scene in our town: one that is younger, more creative and more spontaneous.

The Fuchsbau is a unique sociocultural project initiated only by young artists and entrepreneurs in this region. We see this initiative as a statement standing for an opening up of the city towards a more relaxed handling of youth cultures and likewise. The goal is to motivate other young people to go out there and help design their city and get involved in its cultural development. Despite its different universities and thus large number of students, the public eye doesnt notice Hanover as a creative and imaginative spot.

This festival is for all of you, who enjoy a relaxed and inspiring confrontation of art, culture and entertainment.

Why would you support this project?

Become a sponsor, a patron, a visionary!

- We work non profit
- You want to know whats really behind this project
- Youre not just donating  youre getting something back: We thought of lots of awesome rewards, to thank you for your support.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Only good stuff!

The money we receive through this crowdfunding will primarily be invested in the following points:
- The budget for the artists  paint, materials, printing and transport need to be paid
- The location  this includes work materials like wood or light and sound system
- Publicity  to be able to reach a sufficient amount of people outside of social networks, flyers posters and stickers have to be financed

Through your support major parts of the projects budget can be funded and thus the festival be turned into reality. Every additional penny more we receive will allow us to turn more great ideas into great work.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are different. Because this is not the citys usual suspects working but young fresh faces with new original ideas.
The group developing this project is comprised of a dozen people aged 18-25. All of us have worked in cultural projects before or study art related majors.
Thank you for your support!

Project updates


Abermals vereint das Fuchsbau Festival urbane Kunst und elektronische Musik. Ein Gutshof, umgeben von Wald und Wiesen, wird vom 16. - 18. August zum Festivalgelände. DJs, Urban-Art-Künstler, Bands, Poetry Slammer und Autoren treffen aufeinander. Das Fuchsbau Festival zählt zu den kleinen und gemütlichen. Lage und Programm machen es jedoch einzigartig. Es findet auf einem Gutshof mit grünen Wiesen und Schwimmbecken direkt bei Hannover statt und bietet drei Tage lang Musik, Kunst, Kultur, Party und Camping. Im August begegnen sich wieder junge Kreative jeglicher Kunstform. Zu den musikalischen Höhepunkten zählen House-Legende Move D, Marbert Rocels Elektropop und Jan Blomqvist vom Label Stil Vor Talent. Techno-Wunderkind Etnik und Falscher Hase aus Frankfurt sind ebenso bestätigt. Im künstlerischen Programm werden Leckerbissen der hannöverschen Street- und Urban Art Szene gezeigt. Auch die Hauptstadt ist vertreten, zum Beispiel mit dem Klebe-Duo Tape Over und Bosso Fataka. Renommierte Autoren wie Wolfram Lotz, repräsentieren die Literaturszene. Lotz ist Nachwuchsautor des Jahres der Zeitschrift theater heute. Das Rahmenprogramm bilden Poetry Slams, Workshops, Diskussionsrunden, Kurz- und Spielfilme kuratiert vom Favourites Film Festival Berlin, Festivalphilosophen sowie leckeres Essen. Mit Kunst, Live-Visuals und Dekoration erwecken Art-Kollektive die Wiesen, Terrassen und Gebäude auf dem Festivalgelände zum Leben. Darunter ist Eule, die bekannteste Crew der Leipziger Open Air- Szene. Tickets für das Festival sind unter www.fuchsbau-festival.de erhältlich, sowie in regionalen Vorverkaufsstellen in Hannover, Hamburg, Hildesheim, Göttingen und Leipzig.


Die Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Soziokultur unterstützt uns in beratender Funktion.

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