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Projekte / Literature
How can a nice journey become a good journey? This is what gute reise is all about. Taking India as an example, I want to show in my book how travelling can become an unforgettable adventure for ourselves AND actively support the environment and communities at our destinations. For this aim I need you: Become part in every step of this project, from the idea to the final product – and create a new, responsible way of travelling with me!
5,095 €
5,000 € Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 10/10/2012 12:01 o'clock - 23/12/2012 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal 5,000 €
City Berlin
Category Literature

What is this project all about?

While travelling is fun, relaxing and broadening our horizons, it may also have negative impacts  by the CO2 emissions of our airplanes, for example, or the bad working conditions at our holiday destination. For the first time, gutereise (goodjourney) will show in a comprehensive manner how to make a difference: As a palpable example, I'll present travelling options to and within India that can help protect the environment and support local communities. And you can be part of the project! As a supporter, you will be an active member in my online community and have the opportunity to contribute to every step of the creation of this book. Your financial support will be used for the book production only  I will cover all travel costs by myself.

Getting started: October-December 2012
On www.gute-reise.in und www.facebook.com/gutereiseindien you can pursue the progress of this project. As a supporter, you will also have the opportunity to contribute your own ideas and suggestions: What should I think of during travel preparations? Which responsible tour operators do you know? What experience did you gain? Share your thoughts so this project can become as exciting and mulitfaceted as travelling itself!

India, here I come: January-April 2013
During my research trip to India you are in great demand: Where do you want me to go? What eco-friendly means of transport should I take? How can I spend my travel budget wisely? And do you have friends in India or spend time there yourselves and would like to meet me on the way? Together we can compile some really useful suggestions for future responsible travellers.

Writing time: May-December 2013
Your input and my research will boil down to the compelling book gutereise. My own adventures in India will run as a common thread through the book. At the same time, I will portray responsible tour operators and initiatives and will give a whole lot of useful information to re-travel. Finally, the book will get a great design and will be produced environmentally friendly. Now you can contribute again: What do you want the product to look like? Do you prefer a conventional paper back, an e-book or an app? You will co-determine how the final result will look like and hopefully celebrate its launch with me at the beginning of 2014. I am looking forward to this!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The major aim is to show possibilities of responsible travelling and to provide travellers with practical tips and suggestions, so that they can shape their own journey accordingly. At the same time, I will depict the limits of today's responsible tourism and hereby evoke further thoughts and actions that can help establish a more conscious way of travelling in the future.

gutereise is for all those who love to travel and do not want the destination to suffer from this love. As I will also tell the story of my own adventures in India, the book may also captivate those who are in for a good read on their couches at home.

Why would you support this project?

Because it is fun and making sense. If you love travelling and want to protect your travel destination: Please join in! Together we can make a difference now and won't have to wait for the big change to come from above. Well, and we are going to have a great time. I promise :)

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Your financial support will completely be used for the production of the book, i. e. to employ a great graphic designer and to cover the fees for an environmentally friendly production. All travel costs including transportation, visa fees etc. I will cover myself.

Who are the people behind the project?

Hi, my name is Dorit Behrens. I hold a degree in linguistics and media sciences and have worked as communications and project manager for about eight years. Since 2010 I work as a freelancer with a focus on sustainability. With my projects I want to contribute to a more responsible development of our society and enable people to get actively involved in supporting our fellow human beings and the environment.

I am a passionate traveller. Being engaged in the realm of sustainability, I learned about the risks of this behaviour. Then, at the beginning of 2012, I stumbled upon a newspaper article claiming "The market potential of environmentally and socially friendly travelling options is high, appropriate offers are missing." I couldn't believe this and started my research  which brought me here.

I am experienced in planning and carrying out comprehensive projects. I keep track of all things, I also keep my nerve and a good sense of humour. Moreover, I easily get in touch with people, ask questions, am a good listener and able to convey even complicated issues to inspire others. All this I would like to merge with your knowledge, your expercience and your visions  to make a real difference together.

Project updates


geschafft: wir haben die 5000 euro zusammen!!! 1000 dank an alle freunde, fans und unterstützer von gutereise – gemeinsam machen wir das reisen besser. jetzt geht alles auch recht schnell: am 01. januar 2013 starte ich, um in indien die möglichkeiten eines umweltfreundlichen, fairen und finanziell sinnvollen tourismus kennenzulernen. bevor es losgeht, wünsche ich euch erst eimal wunderschöne feiertage und natürlich eine gutereise ins jahr 2013. ihr hört von mir! ************************ we made it: the 5000 euro goal is reached!!! a huuuuge thankyou to all the friends, fans and supporters of gutereise – together we make travelling a lot better. now everything is going quite fast: on january 1, 2013 i will start to find out how to travel india eco-friendly, fair and financially meaningful. before all this starts, i would like to wish you a wonderful christmas and of course a "gutereise" into 2013. i'll keep you posted!


gutenmontag! so langsam wird's real: ein paar stationen meiner recherchereise stehen schon, schaut mal! was darf ich außerdem nicht verpassen? http://www.stepmap.de/karte/gutereise-1191511 *********************** goodmonday! it's is becoming more real every day: i have fixed some legs of my research trip, have a look! any other suggestions what i shoudn't miss? http://www.stepmap.de/karte/gutereise-1191511


große freude: am montag, den 22. oktober spreche ich beim fabelhaften flux fm über die gutereise. hört gern mal rein ab 15:30h – in berlin unter 100.6 oder überall unter www.fluxfm.de/player wooohoo: on monday, october 22 i will speak about the gutereise on fabulous flux fm. feel free to listen at 3.30 pm (cet) – in berlin on 100.6 or everywhere else under www.fluxfm.de/player

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Dorit Behrens
Weichselstr. 56
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Steuernummer: 16/223/00073
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Diese Partner unterstützen die gutereise tatkräftig mit Sachspenden wie eine nachhaltige Ausstattung und die CO2-Bilanzierung. Vielen Dank!

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