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The Startnext Manual

Welcome and first steps

Ooh nice, you here? You seem to have the courage in the right place and have probably already dared to start a crowdfunding project on Startnext. If not, don't worry you can do that, after reading this impulses and making the quizz below.
Now first of all I recommend you to:

  • Discover successfully funded projects on Startnext and support projects in the funding phase to learn from them.
  • Read all chapters of the manual and check out the Startnext Academy. 
  • Exchange your idea with other starters, friends or knowledge carriers. You can meet starters in the Academy, get in touch in the Startnext Facebook group or contact professionals.
  • Check the Startnext guidelines to see if your project fits in and if you agree with the fee policy of Startnext. I am sure you will.
  • Start, if not yet done, your free project draft.

Become a crowdfunding pro with the crowdfunding myths Quiz.

There's a lot of talk out there, and some people are pulling our legs. Let's see how fit you are when it comes to crowdfunding.

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