2 Bands, 2 ausufernde Jams und mit eurer Hilfe eine wunderschöne Vinyl-Version ... Unternehmt eine tiefe Reise in die musikalischen Weiten mit uns ... Erfahrt, warum wir einen besonderen Vinyl-Release dieses seltsamen Trips pressen wollen ... Saugt es ein und verliert euch ... Mehr Infos unten.
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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt / Projektberatung
Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das Projekt ist erfolgreich und kann realisiert werden.

Further Delays

Mount Hush
Mount Hush1 min Lesezeit

Hello friends and supporters!

It's been another long time since our last update, but we were in constant contact with the pressing plant and had a lot of problems to encounter... We were hoping that by now (Mid May) the LPs would be ready for shipping, but apparently this was an illusion. Minor problems here and there accompanied by a very long response time on the manufacturer side led to further delays. But we keep being positive and hope that you'll be kind to us about the endless seemingly waiting time. Time will come that we finally will confirm the shipping of the LPs to all of you wonderful people! If it will be weeks or months we cannot tell, but we can tell you that some day it will be done and you can relax at your favourite vinyl listening place to lose yourself in those jams.

In the meantime, why not listening to the digital version once again:
Hush Side
Deaf Side

hush - peace - love
Mount Hush & Deaf Proof

Mount Hush
Veit Oberrauch
Adlzreiterstraße 14, RG, 3. OG
80337 München Deutschland

Selbständiger Komponist, Produzent, Tontechniker, Veranstalter

Steuernummer: 161/256/22074
Steuer Ident.: 95 417 692 307