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Projekte / Science
Women + Science = Extraordinary!? Do you think that something is wrong with this equation? Do you ask yourself, why most people can’t name a female scientist beyond Marie Curie? ... why female scientists are still met with a raised eyebrow? ... why men have to justify themself if they want to take parental leave? We want to talk about all those questions in public. Not over the heads of, but with the next generation. Join us and become part of I, Scientist 2017!
4,050 €
6,000 € Funding goal
6 days
23/03/2017, 14:23 Katrin Reininger
If you consider such a career path, don't miss the talk by Dr. Manuela Urban who is is a higher education and research manager with special interest in transforming publicly funded and controlled scientific institutions into entrepreneurial acting entities. Since 2012 she is the managing director of the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. which is a legal entity comprising eight Leibniz institutes in the natural, life and environmental sciences.
22/03/2017, 16:02 Katrin Reininger
Working in academia means acquisition of knowledge, unrestricted thinking, pure research, scientific discussion and improvement, and a lot of freedom. But also temporary contracts, a lot of flexibility, the need of going abroad, and an insecure future planning. Get in contact with our speakers who decided to go their way in the academic research and find out what is needed to do this and what are the pros and cons for this kind of career. Learn from personal experiences of other women and get inspired for your own career!
21/03/2017, 10:45 Katrin Reininger
How does a typical job looks like if you leave the academic research and start at a company? What is needed to work in a certain field and what steps have to be taken to get there? Meet our amazing speakers at I, Scientist to ask all your questions! For example at the plenary talk of Dr. Ruzin Ağanoğlu . Since 2013 Ruzin Ağanoğlu has been working at the Leoni Fiber Optics GmbH as Team Leader Product Engineering Department for development of optical fiber based laser surgical probes. She is responsible for steering product development and project management activities in the medical product segment. Do not miss out the opportunity to meet her!
18/03/2017, 12:31 Katrin Reininger
Men don’t want to stay at home with their children and have to financially care for the family? Women are too emotional for a leading position and are not interested in technical topics? We all know this kind of prejudices, sometimes they are covered by biased behaviour and sometimes they are openly pronounced. At some point in our life we will all be confronted with gender-based barriers - regardless of being a man or a woman. One of our main objectives in organizing this conference is to provide space for discussions and exchange of experience. You can get creative ideas for dealing with this confrontations and barriers from peers in the same situations and from already more experienced people. Come and share your thoughts, get inspired, show and learn how versatile science, career, family, women and men can be. Diversity is awesome!
14/03/2017, 12:27 Katrin Reininger
On Saturday evening (May 13) there will be a public Talk by Anke Domscheit-Berg on the topic of gender equality in Germany. Anke Domscheit-Berg is an entrepreneur, activist and publicist, focusing on topics like open government, digital society, and gender equality. In her talk she will give an overview over the current status of gender equality in Germany, analyze possible reasons for still existing drawbacks and try to give constructive suggestions how to change this. Do not miss the opportunity to meet her at I, Scientist 2017!
12/03/2017, 17:40 Katrin Reininger
We will reach the half time of our funding period on 15th of March and we are also close to the half of our funding goal - so it's about time to give you the chance to meet us, the organizing team, in person and celebrate the awesome support we got this far! Feel invited to come and meet us in an relaxed atomosphere in Heiner's Bar (Berlin Neukölln, Weserstraße 58) on Wednesday evening from 8pm on. You will have the chance to ask us everything you like, tell us about your ideas/suggestions/thoughts about the I, Scientist project and get an impression what inspires us. Since it's also the birthday of one of us, there most likely will be some cake, too ;-) So, bring your friends, a smile and curiousity! We are looking forward to meeting all of you, hear your stories and thank you in person for your involvement!
10/03/2017, 11:56 Katrin Reininger
Are you affected by gender-based unconscious biases? Test yourself here: Harward Project Implicit (English) or here: Initiative „Chefsache“ (German)
09/03/2017, 13:06 Katrin Reininger
If you ask yourself this question have a look at our specialist talk by Prof. Dr. Melanie Steffens who is professor for Social and Work Psychology at the University of Koblenz-Landau. In her talk “How do gender stereotypes affect women’s STEM careers?” she will analyze why an excellent education does not lead directly to an excellent career for many women. While many women receive an equally good education as men, such equality is nowhere in sight when it comes to women’s and men’s career success: men still earn significantly more than women, they are more likely to be promoted, and women are underrepresented in many traditionally-male fields such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The talk offers a state of the art review of applied social-psychological research on “gender at work”, shedding light on all the different ways that work-related perceptions, attributions, and outcomes differ for women and men. Focusing on domains (e.g., engineering) and positions (e.g., leadership) that are marked by women’s under-representation, the talk looks at "gender at work" in terms of own and others’ stereotypes, attitudes, and social roles including parenthood. Whereas gender stereotypes appear to be a thing of the past to some people, research shows that they actually affect people in many ways, both in choosing their own actions and in evaluating and interpreting others behavior. Studies will be introduced that demonstrate how in particular implicit stereotypes affect spontaneous, automatic, and habitual behavior. In the end, it is discussed what individual women can do to avoid the hurdles that stereotypes and social roles put in their way towards successful careers. Don't miss to get an introduction to this important and fascinating topic!
08/03/2017, 09:38 Katrin Reininger
Every year on 8 March the International Women's Day is celebrated to commemorates the struggle for women's rights. On the occasion of this day will start an action for 24 hours (since this blogpost) within our crowdfunding campaign: For every ticket someone donates here tody for someone else, we will give an additional free place for the conference on top of it. So donate your ticket today and make it possible for two persons to attend the conference, find new role models and discuss about gender-based barriers! Join us and be part of I, Scientist!
06/03/2017, 20:03 Katrin Reininger
Meet a lot of amazing and versatile women at I, Scientist 2017 and get inspired for your personal career and decisions. Our speakers have different backgrounds and are working in different fields. They will tell about their personal story and how they made their way successfully. The concept of the talks is 15 minutes presentation with additional 15 minutes for discussion and questions. So there will be plenty of time to ask all questions you have in mind and you ever wanted to ask awesome women with scientific background. Find your role models at I, Scientist 2017!
04/03/2017, 11:53 Katrin Reininger
Dear supporters, dear friends and followers and fans, dear scientists, we are so happy that after this short time we already reached 30% of our funding goal - you are amazing ! We thank you so much for supporting us and the goal of creating a wonderful first I, Scientist conference. Let's spread together the idea of an open minded society without prejudices but with equal opportunities!
03/03/2017, 09:31 Katrin Reininger
You where wondering why we have a donated ticket for I, Scientist as a reward and who will get the ticket if you choose it? After we started the registration for our conference we where asked by some people if we can give a financial support for attending the conference, because they cannot afford all: the travel costs, the hotel stay in Berlin and the conference ticket. Unfortunately until now we don't have the capacity to give this kind of financial support. But, because we want to have an inclusive conference, and we want to make it possible for everyone to attend, we started with two ideas: First, we are trying to organize private accommodation for people who are traveling to Berlin and cannot afford a hotel stay for three nights. This is also a nice opportunity for our participants to get connected among each other. Second we want to get funding for a pool of free conference tickets via this Crowdfunding Campaign. If we are successful we will start a simple application process for all our already registered participants and for people who want to register and did not have the possibility until now. So if you want to support a young scientist to come to our conference and discuss about gender equality, career, diversity and networking - support I, Scientist and donate for a ticket!

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