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Ja, ich will .... arbeiten!

Ja, ich will .... arbeiten!

We create a job opportunity for one year for someone with an HIV-positive diagnosis, who does't have access to health insaurance / health care system.

Berlin Community
Lothar Klein
Joachim Faßbender
Christa Buri
Jan Demko
Team der Perspektive A Plus gGmbH
4,029 €
20,000 € Funding goal
12 days
 Ja, ich will .... arbeiten!


Funding period 16.07.2016 17:29 Uhr - 13.10.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period 01.10.2016-30.09.2017
Funding goal 20,000 €
City Berlin
Category Community
A a non profit startup we want to create a job opportunity for one year for a person with a HIV-positive diagnosis but who has no access to the healthcare system because he/she has no health insurance. We need your support and donation to make this project a reality!

What is this project all about?

In Berlin, there are estimated 150 people living with an HIV-positive diagnosis, that don’t have access to the German health care system. Thus, these individuals have no access to full medical care system of our society (such as HIV antiviral medication).

Antiviral Therapy keeps HIV in check and thus a person can live a relatively ’normal' life.
However, for uninsured persons, this is legally unavailable.
The project 'Uninsured with HIV' of the Berlin Aids-Hilfe e.V., sponsored by ViiV Healthcare - Positive Action Program, supports such individuals through counseling and case management.

We, the Perspektive A Plus gGmbH, are a nonprofit startup that provides services such as the integration of HIV-positive individuals and/or people with disabilities with a new outlooking their life, by providing job opportunities in the primary labor market.

Thanks to a legacy donation tied to creating jobs for HIV-positive people, we have sucessfully created four jobs since September, 2015.

We fulfill our mission - providing HIV-Positive and/or disabled people with new life perspectives - through direct donations and contracting our services. Whether it is project/event - management, internet solutions, fundraising or renting our locations and equipment.

We welcome every donations and contracts of hire that would help our mission. Today we would like to focus our efforts and your generous hearts on this page on our fundraising project to support our shareholder the Berlin Aids-Hilfe e.V in its efforts to help uninsured HIV-positive individuals in their difficult situation. We would like to create a job opportunity for one year, for a HIV-positive individual who does not have an health insurance covering HIV retroviral therapy, to give him/her a new brighter outlook.

With your generous help we will be able to create a one year partime position accompanied by a Coach and Casemanager that is already funden by the ViiV Healthcare Positive Action Program of the Berlin Aids-Hilfe e.V.

Because of the privacy protection laws the project does not display individual cases, names, faces or any other sentive information leading to the identification of any of the clients. Your understanding is appreciated.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to employ a previously uninsured, HIV-positive person in our team for the maintenance and organization in our Offices, at our in-house events and via Eventmanagement.

A total of 19.5 hours per week will be rewarded in accordance with our house fare with € 1,042.07 paid monthly ( € 12.33 / per hour).

This represents an average gross salary in the amount of € 1,270.00 per month, € 15,240.00 for one year.

In addition depending on the skills and need, we provide the employee with:
- A language course of German language,
- Further training and social skills coaching

Attendance this will be encouraged/monitored to support the individual’s ability to gain a brighter outlook. This is planed in the amount of
€ 2,500.00.
The total project costs are estimated to € 2,260.00 per month,
a total of € 20,000.00 annually is our funding goal.

We rely on the help of those

- Who know the worth of having a job and a thus a positive outlook,
although chronically ill
- Who have the benefit of a universal healthcare system
- Who like to help others, getting a foothold in a society by having
work, a structured routine, and a feeling of being needed and
- Who want to make it possible for an invidudal to get a chance to
get back on track in a non-discriminatory and health-promoting

We especially appreciated the help of companies, who are helping us through contracting our services or directly/indirectly employ such a person.

Why would you support this project?

An employement contract guarantees access to the healthcare system and thereby access to the life-saving anti-retroviral therapy. Helping an HIV-positive uninsured individual is not only philantropy, it’s active prevention with the bonus of getting this person back into working society.

It is now well known that an HIV-positive person, who is virally supressed, has virtually no chance of passing the virus to someone else.

Anti-retroviral treatment is therefore a useful HIV prevention tool, thus it’s interest of all, that HIV-positive individuals gain access to necessary medications.

All individuals shown in the course of the Project 'Uninsured with HIV' want to be employed and thus pay their part into the German healthcare system.

All of them are saying: 'Yes, I want to ... work!'.

We at Perspektive A Plus gGmbH (a non-profit) are convinced that you value the community and see society's benefit in your investment.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

After we reach our funding goal, a interview process will begin among prospective employees from the Berlin Aids-Hilfe e.V pool of HIV-positive uninsured clients.

The employment would begin 01.10.2016. Depending on the existing knowledge and skills coaching, and other counseling the progress and problems of integrating working life, and aspects of anti-retroviarl therapy that may impact work-life.

We will inform all of our supporters, donors, and fans via our website and facebook.

Like us on Facebook to keep up to date.

Who are the people behind the project?

The team Perspektive A Plus gGmbH consists of:

Lothar Klein (CEO)

Joachim Fassbender (Event- and Projectmanagement)

Jan Demko (Eventmanagement, IT solutions, Fundraising)

Christa Buri (Projectmanagement and Administration, Art Events)

Perspektive A gGmbH Plus is a 100% subsidiary of the Berlin Aids-Hilfe e.V.,

founded on 31.08.2015, with the following objectives:

- to create jobs for HIV - Positive and/or disabled
- support / promotion of other non-profit organizations, in the efforts to
integrate HIV - Positive and/or disabled into primary labor market
- Education / Coaching of companies, non-profit organisations and
individuals about HIV, and serve disability and their integration into
labor market.

Be part of this project and support us:





Legal notice
Perspektive A Plus gGmbH
Lothar Klein
Kurfürstenstraße 130
10785 Berlin Deutschland

Register: AG Berlin - Charlottenburg, HRB 170211 B
Geschäftsführer : Lothar Klein
Steuernummer : 27/612/04682


Projekt der Berliner Aids-Hilfe e.V. in Zusammenarbeit mit VIIV Healthcare Positive Action
Clearingstelle MSM/T-Migrant*innen ohne Zugang zur Gesundheitsversorgung
'Improving access to health care and empowering MSM/T migrants in Berlin'

Die Berliner Aids-Hlfe e.V. berät und informiert zu sozial- und arbeitsrechtlichen, wie auch zu medizinischen und psychosozialen Fragen. Sie gibt Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe und unterstützt die Selbstvertretung von Menschen mit HIV /Aids.

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