The open source extension "Joomla Event Manager" is only available for Joomla 3. It is an excellent event manager and we want to update it for Joomla 4. Since there are no active developers in the community at the moment, we want to realize it ourselves, raise the money for a freelance coder and make it happen! For more information ab out the extension see:
770 €
Startlevel 1.500 €
Philipp Koenig
Philipp Koenig vor 4 Stunden
Florian Bauer
Florian Bauer vor 26 Stunden
Benno Flory
Benno Flory vor 2 Tagen
Bernd Czarnitzki
Bernd Czarnitzki vor 3 Tagen
Harald Schulze
Harald Schulze vor 3 Tagen
Maurizio de Matteis
Maurizio de Matteis vor 5 Tagen
Thomas Wehrli
Thomas Wehrli vor 27 Tagen
Emile Schilders
Emile Schilders vor 29 Tagen
Joomla Event Manager (JEM) for Joomla 4