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Kiron University bietet Flüchtlingen eine Plattform für eine exzellente akademische Bildung. Jederzeit, überall und kostenlos. Unsere Vision ist es, die Zugangshürden zur Hochschulbildung für Flüchtlinge zu eliminieren. Wir möchten eine Universität schaffen, die Flüchtlingen Hoffnung auf eine bessere Zukunft durch Bildung ermöglicht - unabhängig von ihren (fehlenden) Dokumenten.
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Markus Kreßler
Markus Kreßler1 min Lesezeit

We understand that there is hardly anything more empowering than the possibility of taking your future into your own hands, especially through learning. Education is an excellent way not only to grow and unfold as an individual, but it also provides you with a possibility to contribute to the society. The latter is especially vital for refugees, who due to their status might feel excluded and on the margins of society. We want to provide an accessible university program, tailored to the specific needs of refugees. Wherever you are, whoever you are - all you need to apply at KU is refugee status. Sounds appealing? Don‘t hesitate and take your chance to be a part of our pioneer education project! Remeber to send in your application until the 15th of October. Find more information here: [URL] Not a refugee? Share this post or spread the news about KU. Every euro spent for our StartNext campaign is greatly appreciated and brings us closer to our target of 1,200,000€ - providing funding for 1000 students and making Kiron even better!

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